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Reviews for "Blacks Only"

Shows that individuality is more important than grouping.

I didn't get the ending

Well, this game kinda proved me wrong. Great game man. Favoriting it.

I don't like the ending because people become individuals instead of allowing their skin color to define and divide them. Not very realistic

I read the title of the game and though, "I guess I will give it a try- it's under judgement, right?" Shooting the other blocks to change color is a neat idea- then the I started reading the text as I progressed! I was not expecting the short commentary on individuality and appreciating people for being themselves- that is the meaning I took away from it at least. The varying comments from "I love Newgrounds!" to "Twitter is okay" was fun. It is nice to see a game that is a mix of entertaining (albeit short) and thought provoking. I look forward to more games like this in the future ^_^