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Broasted Chicken to Beef Steak(halfway animation)

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Inspired by 100% real events .
How would you like to live a godly life?this question would have been super relevant if you were a chicken.because our protagonist is a Chicken .
On a serious note this is a parody of indian Politician's perversions and exceptional treatment towards Cow.the cow is offered food , offered prayers , decorated like a groom and going into the filthiest extent of having its urine and dung.It's ridiculous .I had to make something out of this ridiculous situation.
As It is in the halfway of being animate , so I m not putting the Subtitles for explanation.Instead its on you yes the Viewer to decide what the story and the moral is
So our Protagonist is delivered to a butcher house .A few moments later the chicken next to our protagonist is pulled and is cut.The protagonist is terrified .Then he is threatened by the Butcher .the chicken is sad .Moments later a cow passes behind him at a distance.The cow is prayed to , offered food.to this the chicken is shown being confused. after this a blind person turns on tv at a distance. the chicken is distracted .on the tv is the leader speaking about imposing rule of beheading people who perform cow slaughter.Moments after he is done with the speech .a man spots someone with beef .the cow Protectors beat him up.The chicken sees all this then it gets out of its enclosure.The butcher sees this and asks in a seroius tone as how did he escape.After this the chicken magically transforms to a cow.Astounded Butcher repents and says hail ocw mother so that he is innocent in the eyes of the law.Afte this its revelaed that the Chicken was dreaming.The dream breaks when the butcher pulls the protagonist by throat outside the cage.He says Sapne mat dekh teri takdeer plate par likhi hui hai , translating to "Do not dream, your fate is to be on the plate" after that he sets the chicken on plate and cuts it .Blackout------ a man says see a murderer

critique comment suggest please do it as i still have time for the ramifications and will do it to make it well polished

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hey good