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TD-Destructive Assertions

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Guest speakers should give words of encouragement to the students. Or just tell them they suck, either is fine.

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This is what I should have heard on the introduction day when I went to college.
But instead I had some hipster douchebag telling me to 'think outside of the box', where he handed out some silly symbolic excersice where you needed to come up with an unusual sollution. A sort of connect the dots, but with a limited amount of lines to use. Nobody could figure out a sollution, but I found one that even used one line less!

I showed him my 'out of the box' sollution, that solved the problem (and with a line to spare to boot!), He then told me, that was not a correct awnser, because it was not the awnser that was prepared and written down.

So that deffinetly left me angry and confused. Your robotic guest speaker might leave people angry or dissapointment, but certainly not confused. That robot (or cyborg??) guest-speaker, on the other hand, says stuff that is clear as day. No mistaking in the choices it leaves you to make.

I also think this is a thing that a lot of art teachers are trying to tell their students, but just not saying it harsh enough to propperly break naive student's expectations (to then be able to build it back up again, eventually, I suppose).

But I guess telling it straight to the students from day 1, is a bad bussiness move. Probably better to have the suckers pay for 1 or 2 years of tuition (and several buttloads of extra costs) before the poor shmucks find out their education is complete bullshit when it comes to what they actually want to do and learn. (I expected/wanted to art, but they were teaching to trade, if that makes any sense).
Or maybe that was just something I needed to find out the hard way? I don't fuckin know, man. Shouldn't think too much or too deep about that shizzlemarizzle.
At least the teachers from classes that were actually somewhat interesting to me, were actually a combination of respectable and enjoyable to listen too.
And there was way more variaty in all kinds of different fellow students compared to high-school.
That was worth something at least, amirrrrrrite!?

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May 6, 2018
11:29 AM EDT
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