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The Karma Game

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Author Comments

The player will be facing daily life situations at various moment in life. The player will have to choose from multiple answers that will shape his/her Karma, and allow for improvement, inciting replays in order to reach perfect score. Choose wisely or pay the consequences…

This is spin-off from my video: Your Life Ruled by Seven:

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A good game and idea, however this is tagged with "idle" when this has nothing to do with incremental games.


So this was an interesting game here it has some nice color, and the "GAME-PLAY" was simple and fun, this was pretty decent, this is one game you dont need much of a change here it was fine as is, but anyways a good game you have here I hope to see more from you soon.

you dont need much of a change here it was fine as is


You put absolutely zero thought into this game.

7 years old. Neighbor that I secretly dig.

That passed quality control how exactly?

EAEverything responds:

I guess this was approved and up voted by people like me that had a secret crush when they were 7 years old.

Wishing you to experience that wonderful feeling in your next life :)

Pretty decent game, however I feel the end game screen could be explained a bit better. Or perhaps it simply isn't showing correctly for me. I have my little color wheel at the top and 5 lists of traits at the bottom. Presumably each column is linked to a section of the karma wheel and each trait in the column represents a level in that statistic. However with none highlighted and no columns labeled I find myself guessing they are Achievement, Ego, Fullness, Desire, Belonging. I think this could be improved with labels for the category, a highlight of some sort to show where you 'scored', and an explanation of the individual traits as they apply to this karmic 'test'. Within the test itself one thing I think would be a great improvement would be if choices changed multiple traits, at least as I see it many of these choices were not mutually exclusive to any given trait. There were also several questions/scenarios where I did not find any of the answers to suit me, perhaps there could be a 'none of the above' button. I understand that in something like this there can only be a finite number of choices, but does making a choice or statement you would not make test someones karma better than simply throwing out the question?

EAEverything responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

For the final screen, you should have circles around the different levels. Those circles are of the same color than the one in the color wheel on top, which is the title of that category. For instance you get a yellow circle in the category that represents the Ego.

But I agree that might not be really clear.

Indeed I had to limit the choices to the 5 traits that I used in the game and other decisions would have affected other traits.

But this aimed to be a light approach on the topic to convey the message that what you do is not only a moment but affects the whole. Like a butterfly effect.

This is my first attempt at "playing" with such concepts, so I am really humble with what I have achieved but if people got a little bit of fun and some light cast on how and why they take decision it's already something.

If I take this seriously, I must deduce that I am an unadapted alien from the planet Nibiru. But it was fun.

EAEverything responds:

Thanks for that.

This is to be taken seriously or lightly or both at the same time.

I'd say we need more unadapted alien from Niburu :)

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

May 4, 2018
5:10 AM EDT