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Blood Zone1.5

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Militia 5 Points

50 Rifle kills

Pistol Starter 5 Points

10 pistol Kills

Shotgun Lover 5 Points

50 Shotgun kills

Zombie Friendly 5 Points

40 Kills

Come closer 10 Points

20 Mine Kills

Gunslinger 10 Points

25 Pistol kills

Spec ops 10 Points

120 Rifle kills

Squirrel 10 Points

70 Pick Ups

Superb 10 Points

100 Kills no health pick up

Terminator 10 Points

80 Shotgun Kills

Warming Up 10 Points

100 Kills

Blood Thirsty 25 Points

500 Kills

Butcher 25 Points

200 Kills

Catch this! 25 Points

20 Grenade kills

Psychopath 50 Points

1000 Kills

Author Comments

Kill as many Zombies as you can BUT this time map is 4 times bigger and explosives are involved.

Thank you for your reviews on previous blood Zone. We did our best to solve bugs you mentioned and we also added new features.

3 different weapons.
4 power Ups.
Explosives (Updated item)
numerous Waves of Enemy.

Default Controllers:
WASD = Move
mouse = Aim
Left click = Shoot
F = Throw grenade
Right Click = Change Weapon
P & Esc = Pause
to turn blood effects on, hold "B" and press "E" OR go to settings menu and check blood effect.

You can also set controllers how you like in settings tab.
If you run out of ammo just search the area for random ammo spawns.

Your Score Will be saved only after you DIE int the game!!!!

Link to All of the Audio we used: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qed49tltu4ji73p/Audio.txt?dl=0

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improves a small bit over the Original game the map is a little more open was my only problem played a few mins of it! one thing i can say the graphics quality is a lil reduced. not sure if its cause the games camera is zoomed out a lot more over the Original its a lot more slow paced than but i feel it gets faster in the later waves! not a bad game tbh

Much much worse then the 1.0 version.

This game is unplayable right now - not if you want to get Psycopath and Catch this medals without dealing with bugs more then with zombies:

Fix these issues:

1) Direction commands get stuck often and make the character go in one direction. If you do some clicking it stops and would be a small issue if not a big Big BIG BUT! if you get lead due to sticking direction to the bottom side of screen you may find yourself in the "non-normally-enterable area" that is the bottom line of the screen. There is an invisible wall there that cannot be crossed to the other direction. You are stuck on the lowest horizontal of screen forever and you cant get new ammo ever nor avoid zombies in this 1 dimensional space you are stuck. It's certain death. I that happened to me twice when I had already spend a lot of time spent and had about 400- 600 kills. I will not play anymore untils this is fixed.

2) Stop making the game Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. Music suggest dynamic shooter as was the first game with small area. But now the game is just a loooooooooooooooooooong time walking and leading the slow zombie herd behind you in circles until you find some ammo. Ammo pickups appear and then dissapear again very quickly. Sometimes some ammo pickups are permanent and don't go away until picked up but that is very rare Powerups are useless and unneeded - I would much rather just have more ammo so I could continue playing and killing. Each time I see the useless powerups instead of ammo I get angry and want to send an angry letter to the author. Make the game spwan more ammo for dynamic gameplay. I once made some 15 circles around the map for some 5 minutes and could not find any ammo.

3.Explosive pickups just don't work most of time - you pick up a grenade or the mine - and you have 0 explosives still. Is there a difference between grenade and mine? I was ever able to only use mines. I cannot get grenade medal because I was never able to throw one - I pick up a grenade but it doesn't add to inventory.

5. Add a current weapon icon. It is too hard to distinguish if I have machine gun or shotgun equipped I confuse them all the time. They can be distinguished by max ammo number which is lame.

6. Stop skipping weapons with 0 ammo when selecting next weapon. After I memorize which weapon fallows which, it completely ruins the sequence and I fire wrong weapon all the time especially easy to confuse shotgun vs machine gun.

7.Why not assign a number key to each weapon like in a proper shooter?

If you correct most of these mistakes I will upgrade my rating using the Pico face panel on the left.

ArashJawan responds:

Thank you for playing! We understand there are some issues, we are addressing them.
The problem with audio is due to playing the game in web. We have tested the game in pc build and in editor. It's just present in web build.
The problem with inputs is similar. Because you are playing in web, pressing buttons like tab or middle mouse button makes the game lose focus and inputs get stuck.
No body said anything about the grenade problem though. By default, pressing "F" throws the only grenade you can carry, after that you have to wait for a pickup.
Also, we are working on new enemies that will kill you faster if you are out of ammo, Obviously that requires us to make the pickup spawns smarter.

This game isn't very good. It's just like your other, except the map is slightly bigger and thus perhaps slightly laggier play. So in that way it's perhaps worse than the previous.

Zombie enemies are perhaps the laziest possible enemy type as all you do is just home in on location of the player. That might be okay in some larger game with a greater assortment of enemies, where homing zombies were just one type of enemy out of several unique types, and used sparingly, but that's not the case here or in most other zombie games people tend to put out.

Please use enemies with a strategy that's not just "move in direction of player.x, player.y"

ArashJawan responds:

Thanks for constructive critisism. As you can see we are upgradihg the game and there will be new versions with better AIs. However The lag you mentioned may have a lot of reasons and not all of them are related to game developer.

good job ! :)

ArashJawan responds:

Thanks :)

So good news and bad news; I'll start with the good. The good news is that you did indeed made a bigger map and the longer health bar makes fights last longer. The diversity of enemies helps out as well.

The bad news: you still have two major glitches involving sticky keys and unnecessary auto-fire. These are still major problems. But now that I think about it, they could be problems involving Unity and not completely your own fault. Every now and then, if I unintentionally hold the mouse button down and move the mouse, an icon appears that says it can't move anything, and that's normally when the auto-firing problem starts. I still don't know what causes the sticky key movements.

I will admit that you have improved the game somewhat, and will praise you for that. Still, the two major problems still bring down the rating a bit. None the less, I will say keep up the good work.

ArashJawan responds:

We are aware. Because the game is on web, pressing some keys like "mouse middle click" or "Tab" locks inputs. We are working on a fix but for now, every time it happens, double click on screen and press movement buttens. Thank you for your patience!

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

May 2, 2018
12:28 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place May 3, 2018