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Mini Golf: Jurassic

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Author Comments

Well, we all love Mini Golf, right? I mean who doesn’t have awesome memories of playing a few holes while away on vacation or visiting somewhere fun. What else does my head suddenly associate with crazy golf? It has to be dinosaurs and the Jurassic world, the first course I ever played at a young age was a dinosaur themed mini golf so that’s just what sticks in my head.

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People get so angry and unhelpful in reviews, don't they? I think this game is pretty fun, the aiming controls could be a little finer, I'd tap it quickly and go past where i wanted to aim. The holes seem like they might be impossible to actually get a hole in one, even just the first hole, which I can understand for more complex ones, but for simpler holes it might be good to adjust the placement a tad bit. That is if it's actually impossible and I'm not just bad at this.

Don't know why this is getting hated at, all in all, it's a game that needs polishing.

dont know why people are even givin you stars this is crap have you ever played a game of mini golf the exciting part is to hit the ball once to go through the entire course, not to say you have potential because you do. and also you need to have the aiming mouse controlled for better accuracy. good luck next time around.

I'm not sure why this is getting so many low stars...

This game is colorful, fun theme, the courses are creative, and it is basically a dream mini-golf course. I do have some issue with the controls such as moving the camera left and right by only using the giant arrows (I keep wanting to use my keyboard or mouse). Also the physics get frustrating, but I think that is part of learning the game so it is fine.

The levels do get tiresome after awhile, and never seem to end. I wish there was an exit button so to return to the main menu...
Also, I recommend designing more levels where if you shoot it just right it causes a chain reaction, or more opportunities where you can jump the course or find short cuts by abusing the physics. A lot of potential here.

I didn't try the editor. Keep up the good work!

What the heck am I supposed to do?! I tried to make a level, and I can't even move the camera around, how do I turn the ball in the editor while trying out the limited level I could create?

BitofGame responds:

Ooops. Sorry, looks like we forgot to add the controls in this version. Level builder still has mobile controls! Sorry!

Credits & Info

2.28 / 5.00

May 1, 2018
4:50 AM EDT