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e z

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omg great job i wanna to see more from you please

You got some really cool stick figure animation with very strong dynamic poses.

Everything about the stick figures followed the limitations of their skeletons.

Your stick figures had some excellent anatomy.

I would like to see some more personality out of these stick figures.

some faces would be cool.

You could add clothes such as Capes, Hand-Bands, Glasses and a scarf.

The torso and legs don't need clothes.

I'd be interested in seeing how you tackle a longer battle scene.

Since you already started off strong.

The battle needs to increase it's intensity until building up towards a climax.

The action packed start needs to be dull in comparison to the more exciting climax.

The boring character development stuff is extremely important for action movies.

It adds more weight to the violence since you became attached to the characters.

You can also include character development during the fight scenes.

Character traits can be revealed during fight scenes.

Body language and emotion can convey a lot of story information.

People process emotion differently.

It would make sense that your stick figures would react differently to the same situation.

This was a very visually entertaining fight scene.

It still works without sound.

I really enjoy animation that doesn't rely on sound to compensate for a visually dull experience.

You created something really cool.

Just take your new stick figure movies an extra step farther and you'll have more successful movies.

Keep going.

The animation is pretty good, but the swords could use work, you could make something longer and add a background. The fight choreography doesn't always make sense, like at one point an enemy's sword goes through the protagonist like it went by him, but since this is on a 2D plane, you can't really be having this. Work on these things for your next animation. Also sometimes the sword animation seems to just be a blur.

Credits & Info

2.14 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2018
1:38 AM EDT