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Late for Love

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Author Comments

Jump in a car for a late trip with a longtime friend. Old memories will come back as you try to catch up, but one question remains. Which fate will you drive to?

Made for Ludum Dare 41 in 72 hours


Mdonze - Visuals
Goss - Writing @gosswriter
Gama - Game Design & Code @itsgama

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...the woman has no situational awearness, she doesnt realise im busy speeding down the street

Amazing game

Interesting, something to maybe improve is maybe adding buttons for each dialogue option so its easier for people to go theough with the game. Unless thats what you were going for.

I loved the graphics. It's a shame that the audio is not working (something related with an update in Google Chrome's WebAudio - also happened to my game made in Phaser). The driving mechanic is interesting, it should feel good on a touchscreen device.

Having to pay attention to the dialogue an the cars on the road is a bit annoying, but I think is the point of the story. Didn't get to the end...because I have to play other games. Sorry. I'll be back. Promise!

The concept of avoiding obstacles while choosing dialogue responses is interesting. The graphics are pleasant to the eye. Dialogues and the story are well written - the portrayal of a confused female who doesn't understand herself and what she wants from life is believable - a good portrayal of a typical basic b****.

The only problem is that your responses don't matter. They only change the females reaction to your answers. The ending of the game is the same regardless of whether that love bar is full or empty - a screen of a car driving away. I think the author should have added different endings based on whether or not you got that love bar full or not

Based on this I provide the 3 possible endings in place of the author in text format:

Ending 1. You ignore the antics of this spoiled brat and deliver her to her husband, like the responsible person you are. Let him take care of her. You have enough understanding about psychology to know that nothing good is coming from a liaison with a female who considers cheating 5 minutes before her wedding.

Ending 2. You deliver her to her husband inertly. You watch the wedding but you reflect to yourself silently - what would have happened if you didn't? You realize you love her. When did you miss the opportunity. A childhood - at that lake? During all those years in between when you could have called her but didn't? Or just yet 5 minutes ago when you could have turned the wheel the other direction? You will never know. You are late for love.

Ending 3. You turn the wheel on other direction and go with her to a hotel. You both turn off your phones. You take a number and have a passionate night together. You fell asleep after plowing her in three different positions, happy thinking what a great guy you are and how you have saved her from an unhappy life with a man whom she doesn't love. You feel like a hero, like her knight in shining armor. Next morning you wake up and hear her she is crying. She is in bathroom sitting on the closed closet and going trough all the messages and unanswered calls. She is calling her mother asking her what to do now. You go to her and try to console her. She pushes you away gets dressed hasty, while her phone is ringing almost all the time, Then she and leaves, asking you not to follow her. She blames you for what happened this night. As she leaves you hear her talking in phone in the corridor as she leaves. You turn on your phone and look at the huge numbers of messages and unanswered calls. After a few minutes your phone starts ringing too. First it's your common friend asking what is happening, You tell him you will cal him back. As you get dressed yourself you get the call from her failed fiancee. He threatens to kill you. You hang up.
She meets with her fiance. He asks her to explain herself. She cries. He wants to cancel the wedding and the relationship and the planned mortgage and the planned honey moon. She cries a lot and says it is all your fault. He is angry and not sure to believe it or not. She goes to police and files a false rape accusation on you. He starts to believe she is a real victim and takes her back. Police visits you and you get locked in jail. They have a cheap and silent wedding to the booked honey moon. You spend the next two years and all your savings in proving your innocence to the horribly anti-male biased western courts. In the end your innocence is proven when the evidence of her girlfriend suggesting over phone to blame you for what happened is found. But you have spent your five years savings on lawyers and are in debt. Your reputation as a possible rapist spread to your job and you got fired. Despite court ruling your innocence nobody but your closest friends really believes your innocence. Your career is ruined. You only could afford a new job in a fast food restaurant. It will take years to get out of debt and find a new decent job. You have lost most of your friends and your hair have turned gray ten years premature.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2018
7:01 AM EDT