Spinny Boi

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I made this with symbols in Flash and I'm too stupid to know how to make it move as a .gif

Tell me what you h a t e about this, thanks

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Ezgif.com can convert video files to gif very easily....but flash can export gifs as well

I like the speed of the bobbing and the rotation, but the perspective seems a bit off as the crystal turns...

GallowJolt responds:

Thanks for the feedback man, I figured out how to export things as gifs after a bit of messing around, so don't have to worry about it next time

it loops perfectly, good work on that.

The jewel could be shinier.

Tbh still better than anything I have animated...

The animation does look pretty nice, but it really should just be a gif in the art portal. Ask someone for help with that. I would like to see you make a longer animation, as I think it would be quite good-looking.

GallowJolt responds:

Thanks for the feedback mate, will definitely have to get to that. Cheers!