Yoko vs Zone tan

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The fan project has many shortcomings and has not been completed due to lack of funds and time. Please do not judge strictly. This was the first draft of such a plan. Tap on the game screen while its loading and it will start.

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Barely functional. A great deal of negatives without too many positives.

- The controls you have listed are confusing; you have a punch combo listed as "A-A-A" and a kick combo listed as "B-B-B"... but you have SIX total attack options (three punches and kicks) linked to A/S/D and Z/X/C on the keyboard, each with 'weak', 'medium' and 'strong' variants respectively, so no one has any idea what you mean by any of that. I think you started with the concept of a two-button fighter, but needlessly expanded it to six without any plan for what to do with those extra four buttons.
- Speaking of controls, the big red "joystick" in the lower left quarter of the play area serves no purpose other than to obfuscate the screen and screw with your directional inputs. No, really, all it does is force your character to move in the same direction the joystick was last pulled (or stay put if left in neutral). Because of this, any time you try to move with the arrow keys (which still work, for some reason), it'll repeat the last action you did with the joystick... did you move the big red ball up and to the right as if to jump forward? Well, guess what? Your character will never stop jumping now. So enjoy that.
- Compounding everything said so far, it becomes too easy to win any respective match. With Yoko repeatedly jumping away from her opponent, all I had to do is spam 'HK' to fire a laser beam and jump away every time. I never took damage, I never got blocked, and I didn't have to press more than one button.
- The music is overly repetitive. It's just the same seven-second loop for whichever character is occupied by "Player 2", and when either player gets KO'd, the music abruptly starts over again anyways. This is especially noticeable in "training mode". If there are better, longer music samples you could use, use them.
- As was said elsewhere, when you win an "arcad [sic] game", the game flickers between the two characters' win screens every other frame, inducing seizures in whoever dares look upon it for too long.

This is... not good by any stretch of the imagination. Yeah, I know you said "please do not judge strictly", but it feels like these ideas were cobbled together without any level of forethought. If ever you get the chance to remake this, get play-testers... a LOT of play-testers.

BatouWH responds:

Yes, this is a full detailed review! Excellent work, I can tell you. Thank you for your time.

a bit broken. During round 2 in freezes in a seizure of the main screen logo and the current screen. It's a good start though. The music is great, and I can see your going for a button mashing game. The background is top notch.

Some of the moves were a bit clunky. It will be interesting to see the shadow characters come to life.

Took a while for the preloader to appear, but it appears the preloader wasn't really a preloader but just a splash screen... but confusing start there. Typo in 'Arcad' on the main menu too, and in the fight move menu everything is listed as A, B and C - though they keys seem to be A S D? Or maybe it depends on what keyboard layout you have? Otherwise it's a pretty cool game, though shame you only see silhouettes, and it does get a bit monotone... you can keep fighting even when the game's paused, too. Good start, but room for improvement and polishing!


I'm sorry, it just won't load so I can't judge this.

BatouWH responds:

click on the screen when it "loads" (when you see the blue circle and wh tan on the center) in fact there is no preloader.

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2.23 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2018
5:28 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS