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Caterpillar Game

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Sim is a caterpillar about to transform when something terrible happens. Can Sim find their way home and find out what's happening in Fluttertown?

Avoid a squishy death by dodging spikes, killing Stinkbugs, riding blocks, RedDrags, and Speedboosts, and more. Solve platforming puzzles and enjoy talking to the locals.

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i managed competed part 1 and i waiting for part 2:- slime city keep coming !

samlafleur responds:

Glad you enjoyed it

I thought this game was super cute. I love the voices and the art. The concept is good, and probably has a good story line; however, the first level is way too hard. I tried for about 15 minutes and when I finally got past the double dragonfly I screwed up on the stones.

I recommend a better camera centering on the main player. It is very hard to navigate. I thought if I used shift I could re-position the default, but it just resets and that is annoying. Also there might be a glitch with the 2 keys because I grabbed them both, saved, and then when I went to unlock the 2nd yellow lock it said I didn't have any keys.
Keep up the good work.

samlafleur responds:

Thanks for the in depth review. Very good advice especially about the camera. I'm confused about what you mean with the keys, though. To get to the first save point, you have to use both yellow keys. What is the second yellow lock you cannot open?

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2018
10:13 PM EDT