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Cyclevania (LDJam)

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Author Comments

Made for Ludum Dare 41!

Cyclevania was made for Ludum Dare 41 with the Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres.

Jump on your bike and find your way out of the castle!

Combining the gameplay mechanics of racing titles like ExciteBike with the branching paths of games like Castlevania or Metroid, Cyclevania offers a truly unique experience!

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VERY fast paced, but great game. Only thing missing is a story. How did the dude get there, lol.

AriBaaGames responds:

He was always there. They built the castle around him.

It is a nice game, but i took a while to figure out the controls by myself,and the game gets repetitive after a while, but for a challenge to make a game with 2 incompatible genres, it came out pretty good

AriBaaGames responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it!