Good Luck Fools Episode 1

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Four quirky demons struggle to pay rent and not strangle each other.... but they probably will. The play button is up there somewhere, go do that instead >8(

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlPYqivddW8&t=7s

Twitter https://twitter.com/GoodLuckFools

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great animation

GoodLuckFools responds:

Thanks a lot friend! ENJOY!

tf i just watched

I love how much Scatter looks at his dirty magazine XD

GoodLuckFools responds:

Glad you enjoy the show!

I like your choice of expression. Not everyone thinks to use the Paper Mario style of story telling, let alone in just animation alone. if your can brush up the art work and maybe try to come up with some more poses for characters, I think you might have something people would genuinely enjoy. of course, this is only my first episode, haha.

GoodLuckFools responds:

I have always adored Paper Mario, even though I never actually played it, I found the aesthetic very appealing. I don't plan on abandoning this show any time soon, so hopefully with time will come more great content such as character poses. Thank you so much for your interest in the show and a wonderful review. I hope to be able to continue creating a cool story for you to enjoy!

This could be good, Just need to improve the animation and stop switching between the few poses you have. It was really noticeable with Dakota who is going to die of alcohol poisoning before episode 2

Stories not too bad either, but some things are kinda ehhh like the lesbian relationship. It could be good, but it need more time to develop, more hinting rather than just, "I KNOW YOU WANT IT, BITCH!" "N-no sempai I just want to love the benis like all the other grils" "lol no fam u gayer than a twink in a locker room"

Give you voice actors a round of applause cus... They good! I think this is what saved this whole thing from being just another peice of media cast into the ocean of content.

I hope you continue to improve your animation so you don't have to rely on switching back and forth between poses, but I enjoyed watching this! The voice work was good, and the story can shape up into something great. GOOD LUCK FOOLS!

GoodLuckFools responds:

Thanks a lot for your input and also for enjoying the show. I have put a lot of thought into this show and the reason I chose this animation style was not because I can't hand animate, it's because I plan on posting episodes more than just once every 3 months haha.

My style is simple but effective. This is something I have learned from years of game design where you draw these long 16 frame animations just for a single action only to see the game flop. I grew up playing Disgaea...


Always loved their cut scene mechanics with frame switching, I just felt that they could have done more and so I am trying it out. If I can put an episode out every 2 weeks, this frame switching technique will be worth it and you might grow to love it because by then, hopefully I will have a lot more episodes and you'll be invested in the story more so than the hand drawn run animation that took a week haha.

Thank you again for you time, your interest and all around great review, I appreciate it!


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3.41 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2018
2:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original