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Scale Run

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Author Comments

In this game you play a 2D Platformer, but with 3D Platformer controls. You have to avoid obstacles and jump over holes like in a 3D Platformer but with a 2D Perspective.

Tip: Try to run diagonal and then jump to grow or shrink while moving forward.


A: Move left
D: Move Right
W: Move away from camera
S: Move to Camera
Space: Jump
P: Performance mode
Esc: Quit game

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I like the idea behind this game as well as the minimal design.
Good challenge lever for a short game. Very nice for an LD entry.

I know it's part of the idea but the fact up makes you smaller really throws me off. The reverse would be much more intutive, down = smaller, up = bigger. The hit detection is kinda wack too, esp. on corners.