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Play a nice game of SPORTS with your friends!

6/23/2018 - v1.5
Added Gamepad and Multiplayer support! Tested with two wireless XB1, one wired XB360, and one Keyboard. Theoretically, 8 players can play!
Chrome has troubles detecting more than one gamepad. Edge and FireFox are much better at this.
Version 1.5 also includes hitbox and damage updates to improve flails and lances.

Keyboard Controls:
* WASD/arrows - Move
* E/Shift - Switch character
* Space - Attack
* X - Cancel
* P - Pause/Skip Cutscene

Gamepad (Xbox) controls:
* Left stick/D-pad - Move
* Shoulders - Switch character
* A - Attack
* B - Cancel
* Start - Pause/Skip Cutscene

Made for Ludum Dare Game Jam 41. Added multiplayer and gamepads later. We will continue to work on this between our other games. Pssst, try Among Us on Android and iOS. :)

Update: Chrome version 66 broke sound on every Unity game that doesn't have a "Click to Load" screen. You can work around this by clicking on the game during the loading screen. Sorry, everyone!


Switching the character feels weird, at a point is annoying. It is a good critique to soccer (or I see it that way (mostly because of the logos on the bottom-left in the start screen)). Audio is not working (same issue I had on my Phaser game due to Google Chrome's update related to WebAudio. The visual style is fine.

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innersloth responds:

Yeah, Chrome broke audio, but if you click on the game while the loading screen is up, it will work normally.

Good Game

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Hah, well what do we have here? A short and funny little game that takes the idea of sports as a battle to the literal level. Afterall, what better way to win a game of football, than to completely obliterate the enemy team? With no enemy team, no one can stop you. All that being said, this is a pretty good addition to the Ludum Dare game jam and it fits the theme quite well. The only thing preventing me from giving it a 5/5 is just the endless amount of possibilities this game could've been taken to. From multiplayer, to unique weapon stats and rules, plus additional customization. Definitely something you should keep working on. I have featured it as the second game in my ludum dare let's play video: https://youtu.be/5fsJrLBpPGM . Keep it up, and extra lulz for the GGs at the end.

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This is awesome! I really loved the humor of it (especially all the GGs at the end) and the mechanics were pretty solid. At one point, though, the ball got stuck in a corner and I had to stop quit. I also thought it was dope cuz I too made a sports game for Ludum Dare 41.

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This game was pretty fun! i liked the sound effects (especially the end) and the mechanics where fun too! At the start i had no clue what to do, but eventually i got the hang of it! Right now it doesn't have allot of features, but that's to be expected from a game made in 32 hours. I really liked playing it, although it doesn't have allot of replay value.

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3.43 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2018
9:32 PM EDT
Action - Other