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Play a nice game of SPORTS with your friends!

6/23/2018 - v1.5
Added Gamepad and Multiplayer support! Tested with two wireless XB1, one wired XB360, and one Keyboard. Theoretically, 8 players can play!
Chrome has troubles detecting more than one gamepad. Edge and FireFox are much better at this.
Version 1.5 also includes hitbox and damage updates to improve flails and lances.

Keyboard Controls:
* WASD/arrows - Move
* E/Shift - Switch character
* Space - Attack
* X - Cancel
* P - Pause/Skip Cutscene

Gamepad (Xbox) controls:
* Left stick/D-pad - Move
* Shoulders - Switch character
* A - Attack
* B - Cancel
* Start - Pause/Skip Cutscene

Made for Ludum Dare Game Jam 41. Added multiplayer and gamepads later. We will continue to work on this between our other games. Pssst, try Among Us on Android and iOS. :)

Update: Chrome version 66 broke sound on every Unity game that doesn't have a "Click to Load" screen. You can work around this by clicking on the game during the loading screen. Sorry, everyone!

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Underrated game, its actully fun. Even if there was one bug where the ball was stucked in the wall, i'l stil give it 5 stars. But yeah, playing with friends is more fun.

nah its no henry stickman

nice job i guess even tho it isnt hennry stick man

Wasn't a big fan of the gameplay, but extra star because "GOOD GAME"

sorry puffballs ima do research first 10/10