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Rock Bottom

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A game about you and your depressed brother.

You realize that your brother is having a depression crisis and desperately tries to hold him so he does not get hurt.

Talk to him to try to calm him down. Use welcoming dialogues, they are best suited for talking to depressed people.

1, 2, 3 = Select dialog
SPACE = Grab

Story = Suâmi Abdalla-Santos
Art = Suâmi Abdalla-Santos
Code = Suâmi Abdalla-Santos
Music = Derek Volker

* English and Portuguese languages avaiable

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I like the seriousness of the game. The stakes are high and you're thrown in. The art is beautiful as well.

I like serious games. This one makes you care about the NPC and you really want to help it.

Gostei muito do trabalho q vc fez neste jogo, mesmo q o ponto n seja divertir mas sim advertir e ensinar mais sobre um problema que atinge muitas pessoas hoje. E posso dizer com certeza de q grande parte deles buscam a área de jogos (falo isso pq faço faculdade de jogos, área complicadíssima no nosso Brasil mas q sei q no fim valerá a pena), e um dos trabalhos q tive semestre passado era montar uma empresa, e a minha seria para jogos reflexivos e/ou abstratos e q englobam sentimentos, usando de exemplo o Undertale e o 3LIND game (jogo de um desenvolvedor daqui msm). Ou seja, além de respeitar o seu projeto, busco também chegar um dia a fazer um grande sobre depressão e outras coisas da juventude :)
Parabéns pelo projeto, tamo junto :D

bioszard responds:

Valeu cara! Fico feliz que vc tenha gostado. É bom saber que tem gente que gosta de temas diferentes. Boa sorte na sua faculdade e na sua futura empresa. Abração.

I feel like this is a great idea, but right now is just not hitting the mark as well as it can. I agree with other reviews that it should possibly look closer to the cover design, which really gave no clue as to what the full game would entail. I would also maybe tweak up some of the response times, some went way to fast to even understand since it does take a moment for you to realize there are specific answers that work better than others, but the window of response is far too short on certain answers over others.

Overall I think small tweaks here and there may help as well, but like I said I enjoy the idea and concept, but right now it still needs those final pushes.

I loved it, and the answers reflects the things I always think when dealing with depressed people: Not making it look like it's their fault, nor trying to "guilty" them, since feeling guilty is something that may make things far worse.

Also the fact you are chasing him, and he jumps off the instant he reaches the bridge, shows how desperate the kid is in this story, probably at a boiling point for something that happened off screen that worsened his condition.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2018
5:18 PM EDT