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Rythm is Lava

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Solve puzzles. Sounds too easy? Well, you control two chars at the same time. Or sometimes more. Still too easy? Well, they kill each other on touch! Not easy enough?


Good luck beating it ;) If you ever manage to do that (doable under 3 minutes, but that’s using shortcuts), please let me know on my twitter (@egordorichev).

Have fun!

*btw, the name is not misspelled, its made on purpose ;)

X - Restart the level
C/Z - Toggle speed run info
Arrows - Move
I would recommend playing binary version of the game, because it runs smoother.

Rythm is Lava is a game made for ludum dare 41. The theme was “Mix two not-mixable genres”, but I’ve mixed four: RPG, puzzle, platformer and rhythm.

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Hard on the eyes

A unique platformer to be sure, but rather confusing and difficult to control, and the ease of losing a level, and the ability to go 'back' levels, forcing a restart, are quite irritating.

Not my favorite game. This is a decent platformer with relatively simple controls, but two gameplay mechanics that I think just don't fit together. The dual-creature co-op makes sense for a platformer like this, but not the Sonic The Hedgehog-style "Get air bubbles in order to survive" way this game work. I think it just adds an unnecessary level of difficulty to the game. I don't understand why the two volcano monsters kill each other when they run into each other. I know that you screwed the level up by the time they are right beside each other, but you could have made flipped character controls like they have in the game Huggernaut. Simple game with good art and animation, but the music does kind of gets on my nerves.

Puzzles [✓]
Platformer [✓]
RPG [✗]
Rhythm [I don't know] most rhythm games ask the player to do something on the beat, and here you just avoid the lava, but you don't feel you are following the beat due to all the other things you're doing at the same time.

Good game. So many things happening at the same time is kind of frustrating.

Well, this is definitely the hardest game I've played from this Ludum Dare game jam, a platformer game that combines puzzle solving, with keeping up with the rythm(and also going cross-eyed in order to somehow keep track of both characters at the same time). I have encountered similar games before, but this one definitely surpassed them in difficulty, mostly because of the constant flow of lava that I had no way of keeping up with. It is pretty hard to even keep up with who gets damaged at times, which made me question the hitboxes of the lava multiple times. I have included it as the third game in my ludum dare let's play video: https://youtu.be/5fsJrLBpPGM . And while I don't want my incompetence to affect the rating of the game, this was the only one I couldn't finish, so maybe some slight tweaking could be in order(or I could just git gud... but alas).

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3.63 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2018
2:36 PM EDT
  • PICO-8