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Puzzle Jumper (LD 41)

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Author Comments

First game on here and I honestly have no idea what I am doing... this has become increasingly frustrating for me as I attempt to use different programs. I've settled on game maker studio.

The idea behind puzzle jumper is to mix two incompatible genres: block puzzles with platformers
I am attempting to get a jumper who can get on top of the blocks and you will only be able to move the blocks if you are on them else they just drop. Holding down should make it go a faster. I envision trying to add power ups and coins... the dream shall continue

It's still a work in progress. Here is some info:
R resets the game

WASD to move
Space bar to jump

Arrow keys to move (only if player is on top of the blocks)
Up arrow to rotate
Down arrow to drop fast

What I have accomplished:
1) my own graphics
2) basically a tetris clone
3) randomly generate blocks that fall and can move
4) blocks do not pass through walls or each other
5) blocks convert into squares
6) blocks can rotate
7) player character can move and jump
8) player character can stand on blocks and converted blocks
9) player dies if squashed by blocks
10) time based scoring added
11) random blocks generate at random x location

What I wanted to still accomplish:
1) completed rows destroy
2) scoring both time plus rows destroyed
3) blocks can only move rotate when player jumps from them
4) player move smoothly with blocks as they fall

1.1 04/25/2018:
FIX stuck in blocks, player is not pushed away in proper direction
FIX can no longer rotate blocks into walls
FIX areas not covered by block turning into black boxes on drop
UPDATE moved score lower since you wouldn't see most of it

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Interesting objective, very flawed result.

I like the main idea of adding a character to the Tetris game. Even though very basic, it adds a little plus to the game. But there were many major flaws that counter-balanced this...

Let's start with the bugs :
- There is no horizontal collision between blocks. As long as it is not grounded, you can spam left or right very quickly to make your current block pass through currently grounded blocks.
- Once grounded, the blocks don't always 'freeze' the correct tiles. It often blackens additional tiles that weren't covered by the block. For example, let's say you have a block shaped like ¬ (if you can't see the shape, it's an L flipped and rotated), it would freeze the entire surrounding box. I'm not sure if I'm clear here, but try playing the game, you should encounter the problem pretty easily.
- At some point the character refused to jump. Also, I didn't find how to make it move.
- The character later ended up stuck inside a block.
- There is no game over; once I reached the top, blocks kept appearing.

Some more suggestions :
- Add a music and sound effects. These can help liven up your game. (Be careful to not make them too loud/distracting, however)
- Try finding a graphic theme for the game. At the moment, all I can see it a texture for the background, a solid black color for the foreground, and a drawing for the character. Think about what theme you would like you game to be : Do you want it to be futuristic, technologic? Or would you rather have a peaceful, joyful, natural-themed game? A dark hell-themed one, maybe? There are plenty of themes you could use, just choosing one would already help making your game more interesting.

These two last points are optional and less important than the bugs listed above, but I think it would be useful to give more thoughts. Even if you won't ever touch this game ever again, at least you have something to help you if you make any other game.

Here are my thoughts. It feels like this started from a good idea, but it was rushed and untested, which let many severe flaws in the game. I understand having a short deadline can be stressful, but you might want to at least test your game before uploading it. That being said, nothing prevents you from improving your game outside the bounds of the contest :)

Best regards,
~ Lesuperchef

BlazeLeeDragon responds:

thank you for the feedback, yes this is a majorly rough draft for the lundum dare 41 challenge. Only been working on it on and off for the last two days. I did just upload the latest version that corrected the horizontal issue. I also added controls to the description. I'm trying to find out how to sync the fall rate of blocks with the player. once I fix this i'll make it so you can't move the blocks or rotate them unless he is on them. falling blocks should kill him and end the game, score should increase per second as well as if lines are completed. However I have not figured out the issue with the lines not resolving...so a lot to be done before playable :)

still appreciate you taking the time to look and try it out.

If i can get more done before the challenge is done i'll upload..

Credits & Info

2.53 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2018
7:45 PM EDT