The Adventure of CaveChild

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Follow the adventures of Cavechild, a little deformed boy, as what starts out with innocent fun with his friend develops into something more sinister and he is forced to confront an eerie mystery in the woods.

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So this was actually a pretty decent game, I really like all the "COLOR" in this one as it was pretty visually nice, the "MUSIC" was pretty decent even, I do think adding some texture in the color and a more formulated character would be a cool idea, also adding some medals to this would be a real plus, gameplay was actually notbad either.

adding some texture in the color and a more formulated character would be a cool idea, also adding some medals to this would be a real plus


The functionality's working alright, but the glitches are everywhere! From the start, having to click the edges to take focus and be able to move the player is one pretty big bug - and this repeats itself later on in the game too. How the character bounces off walls seems to make him get stuck sometimes, but also makes it so you sometimes accidentally run into an obstacle, or fall into a hole you were trying to avoid. Seems the player animation glitches too a bit between standing still and moving, though hopefully that doesn't affect hit area.

The speech bubbles were kinda hard to read, and graphic simple at best. Since you're looking at the main character all the time it'd be nice with a nicer main character to look at, for one. :) Things like the gigantic TVs are fun details though. I think the typography (not the most readable font, size or placement) is what bugs me the most, since that's such an important element, as well as the buggy controls. Also since the game is seem from an angled top down view i wasn't expecting the player to fall down a whole even if you walked beside it, but it seems you can't even touch it... that (maybe final) level of the obstacle course was pretty intense!

I feel like this could be a lot of fun if the controls and interface were just a bit smoother. The pace of movement is perfect, but the bounce when you run into things annoying, feels the slowing down could be 'quicker' somehow. Hope you keep polishing it a bit! Great start, just a little annoying to play with the bugs, getting stuck in walls, freezing, such things.


DidMyChores responds:

Hi, CD, thanks for playing my game!

Yeah, this is the first one I've made and honestly my focus was more on the story and pacing because I thought that was more interesting to me, but I understand that for a game the smoothness of the gameplay is probably more important.

Most of how I made it involved default settings for the software I was using, and I had to have a friend of mine fix a lot of glitches before uploading. There used to be a lot more issues with animation causing you to get stuck and glitch, and while we fixed a lot I'm aware it's still not perfect.

As for the art style, all the art is quite shamelessly the easiest I could just get out. In fact, I had no idea I would eventually call it "CaveChild" until I designed the main character and realized he looked relatively primitive lol. I am by no means an artist, and just wanted to make all the art assets as quickly as I could.

I can see how the holes in the final two levels of Smash's house can be deceptively easy to fall into, especially since they're just black squares placed over the map. Perhaps I can come up with a different solution for how they look or abandon them altogether.

Thanks again for playing!

how do you start the game

DidMyChores responds:

Press enter to start, or click on the letters of the word "Start" (I forgot to fix and make it an obvious button, sorry)