EAE - The Way We Raise Our Kids

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The Way We Raise Our Kids.

Only practice makes us better ... at failing :)


First and ONLY born here.

I am an only child not by choice but by illness (my mother fell ill, she wanted more children but she thought it wasent wise do to illness) I was also a very rebellious child and my parents knew this. I do feel like a lot is expected of my as a 1st(and only) child but only in the family department. My parents seem to only care about if I help give birth to males to keep the family name going since my family is very small. (only 5 members) So to a small degree the 1st child applies to me.

I enjoyed your cartoon in a sense it was different and educational. Keep up the good work!

EAEverything responds:

Thanks a lot.

I agree. My brother was the first one and crazy expectation were put on him with a very strict upbringing. He kinda managed to take the heat and he is really carrying on the family now that we are all scattered.

I was number 3, so actually I get along really well with him because we are so different but complement each other I'd say.

What you are given to start with is just the beginning of the story and then there is what you do with it.


but art and and animation is nonexistant.

Wow... O_O Exactly... I'm the 3rd.

EAEverything responds:

I'd say, most of the people working in Public Services are 1st child.

Most at Goldman Sachs employees are second one.

And the vast majority of us in here are 3rd.

I was the first-born, and boy-howdy, what a disappointment I am.
If not a "guaranteed failure"!

EAEverything responds:

Well this is what we start with, just like receiving a set of cards. After that we can do what we want. You are not forced to live up to the expectation of no one.

You just have to be proud of what you create and having had a look at your art here, I can say you're doing pretty good, with strength and originality.

Thanks for watching and reviewing.

I was indeed the lucky third. :) And this really is spot on how we were raised, though things definitely changed with time as we all grew older... really enlightening little bit of info. It also seems like, by bringing this to a conscious level, you really don't need to keep raising kids the same way, but realize right from the start that it'll be in a set pattern, and as such avoid that pattern for: whatever's really best for those kids. Didn't expect this to be so eye-opening! Really. Nice work.


EAEverything responds:

I was lucky third as well.

I'd say this place is full of them :)

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