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ZTV News Episode 9

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On ZTV News, ZONE-tan, the mascot for ZONE-Archive responds to feedback and gives news updates for the website.

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psychicpebbles bit took way to long.

In this episode of, like something. A news programme, of. a sort.
The greatest ganimator, which is a clever little combination of the words gamer and animator two different words which both individually apply to Mr Hadel but combined so that you get the best of both worlds in a way, uh anyways he's defending himself and his honour. he's clearing all the misconceptions rumored against him all these false false terrible lies concocted against him and his person and uh he's just trying to have a nice peaceful talk and yeah. yeah. Yknow like the greatest gaminator- gaminator? Ganimator. I meant to say Ganimator sorry for that slip up but uhh. This lady here seems kinda mean uh she seems disrespectful she doesn't really let mr pebbles finish what- what he. Has, on his mind. She doesn't seem to know she's face to face with THE greatest Gami- Ganimator whoo caught myself right there whoowee almost, almost messed up twice there but caught myself right in the act red handed in a way. Uhh woow! that was very rude yknow THAT was not very nice to just cut THE greatest.... Ganimator. Ganimator like that, no respect utter disrespect. Wow glad that sour... B-word got what was coming after, what was coming. yknow that tends to happen when you decide to disrespect the great Ganimator yknow respect... is neccesarry, in this world without it bad things happen, bad things happen.

um yeah not much to say ermm i think this video might have a virus or something because for some strange strange reason the audio seems to have... reversed? like the background sound effects and stuff sounds louder than the character's voice and the characters voice sounds faint like how it would sound if it were a background sound effect, uhh might have to... flag this or something for little viruses

i can't wait for episode 10 to never come out

The way he says bitch though

all of these 5 stars are only for mr. pebbles, babe