Laser Bricks

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Stage 1 5 Points

Stage 1

Stage 2 10 Points

Stage 2

Stage 3 25 Points

Stage 3

Stage 4 25 Points

Stage 4

Stage 5 50 Points

Stage 5

Stage 6 100 Points

Stage 6

Author Comments

shoot at bricks and stay alive


Played this so much now the screen seems like it's moving when it's finally over. XD The final stage was something else... random factor really makes it a stroke of luck to complete, even if you get better and better reactions the further you go. I feel like the trail and particle effects make it hard to measure into the gaps too, and sometimes you miss a block behind a rain of particles.

Otherwise I really liked this game! Just the right rise of difficulty, and right length to persevere through, with plenty of variation and random patterns that make for endless repetition too. It's easy to get into, and easy to replay. Great arcade-type shooter!


In response to the previous review, I made it through stage 5 after a few tries, but stage 6 seems untenably difficult, if not outright impossible. I sure can't do it.

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While the game itself is good I got some complains towards the stage 5 and probably 6 (haven't reached it yet):
1. They are heavy power-up dependent;
2. Can you assure that all the sequences generated by the game are possible to be passed? I tried the 5th stage numerous times and every time I was reaching a point in which I simply could not get through another wall of blocks because of lack of a proper power-up or not enough amount of time needed to dodge after cleaning the previous wall, or because of a brick blocking me the way to the red brick, which I was unable to destroy in time.
As I can see even the Author did not pass the highest stages ;-)

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Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2018
3:46 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight