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Massive Havoc

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Amateur 5 Points

Get A Total Of 50 Kills

Newbie 5 Points

Get A Total Of 10 Kills

Semi-Amateur 5 Points

Get A Total Of 30 Kills

Semi-Elite 5 Points

Get A Total Of 130 Kills

Elite 10 Points

Get A Total Of 170 Kills

Pro 10 Points

Get A Total Of 100 Kills

Semi-Pro 10 Points

Get A Total Of 70 Kills

Legend 50 Points

Get A Total Score Of 300

Author Comments

Massive Havoc is a game reproduced by Alaa Nasrallah, as well for development and design.
You are the last Delta Force member, and it is the apocalypse, so, whats better than killing them ZOMBIES?!

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i killed all the zombies at around 30 or so. so i guess i saved the earth or something

The game is okay, but the terrible lag, invisible barriers everywhere, and the low supply drop amount makes the game almost unplayable.

Decent shooter

so this was a decent zombie and shooter game but seems like it had some errors and gliches, like the no backround levels that could be polished up, other then that the medals were not easy but still made it fun, Now as I get into this game entry and review alot of things come to mind, some ill suggest some thoughts and ideas later in the review, but I must say that I was pretty impressed with what you did have and some effort does show in this and its the effort you put into it inwich I liked, So it does have potential to be even better in the future with updates and such.

seems like it had some errors and gliches, like the no backround levels that could be polished up


The game could be fun and has potential but certain things need to be fixed ASAP.

If they do I will upgrade my rating using Pico panel on right.

Here are the things to be fixed:
- Only the first weapon is effective. All others suck. Why even include them? It is not normal that the default weapon is the best one in the game. Once the supply ammo for the 1st weapon runs out ( It becomes more rare later and other weapons drop more) it is nearly impossible to continue playing. It is nearly impossible to get the medal requiring 300 kills due to this, maybe only if you get extremely lucky and get some more 1st weapon supplies if they are random.
- The deadliest thing in the game is autoswitch, not any enemy, but an autoswitch that takes away your only useful weapon and suddenly replaces it with something shitty. Please, please fix.
- At start of game the character cannot move until he kills some first zombies why?
- During game the character sometimes cannot cross some yellow striped doors for no apparent reason.

If you keep up in fixing and addressing the bugs/glitches, it would be a much better game. One nasty glitch is sometimes my character would get stuck and can't even move. Other times I'm able to walk outside and sort of walk into the void. So I'm not sure if there's suppose to be a barrier that prevents you from walking outside or what.

Also, I found the other weapons to be worthless since the assault rifle you start off with is all you need.

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2018
11:11 AM EDT