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Reviews for "Massive Havoc"

It kept changing my weapon when I wanted to stick to the first one, despite my only having AMMO for the first one.

I like the gameplay and controls. They are easy and simple to follow. The sound effects are nice as well. Not to mention that I love how frequent the supply drops are.

One thing that REALLY got on my nerves about this game, though, is that whenever you pick up ammo for a weapon, besides the one that you already have equipped, it switches you over to that weapon and then you have to reload it. It always happens at the worst time, too. This mechanic has gotten me killed. Please change this.

AlaaNasro1337 responds:

Will do

I like the game, but it seems pretty riddled with bugs at this point! For starters the lag builds up easily, making it difficult to survive even the easy attacks. Some doors it seems you can pass through at random, and others not... I reached the edge of the map a few times and walked into the darkness, and then back, and couldn't get past the doorway again. This more than once. The weapon seems to switch randomly sometimes when you're loading, trying to shoot, and being attacked by a zombie. After gameplay sometimes the Play button doesn't appear, and none of the other buttons work. The medals only seem to apply for the current game session even though they refer to a Total. There doesn't seem to be any handicap for just letting zombies run past you if you can evade their attack. They just disappear at the edge of the screen.

I think it has potential, but pretty buggy! Graphics, weapons, etc looks great otherwise. Just need to polish up the gameplay, and if possible make it lighter on system resources (which really should be possible with Flash, don't know why it lags as it does). Keep up the good work!


AlaaNasro1337 responds:

True, as I am running through the debug mode,nothing seems off wrong! Which makes a lot of confusion to me, however, I'll wrap my head over it, i'll update it as soon!

The Graphics really Killed it!