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Lil King

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Left/Right - Move Lil' King
Z - Jump

Push ladders from the side, but don't get poked by them from beneath!

Jump on knights' heads to knock them off the wall.

Grab powerups!

The Story:

Once there was a Lil' King. He was small in stature, but also small-minded. He believed that everyone in his kingdom was making fun of him behind his back. While this was definitely true, Lil' King had no way of knowing that. But one day, he was fed up. So he banished every last nobleman and peasant from his kingdom. Finally he could live in peace. But, a neighboring kingdom caught wind of his utter aloneness. That very night, a siege began...

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good job mate. the only thing that is wrong with your game is that there aren't any power ups. or none that I can live to get. otherwise 4.5 stars. good job.

Very fun, for such a simple concept. Basically, you have to stop these knights from killing the little king by kicking their ladders down and stomping on their heads when they manage to climb up to the wall. It's as simple as they come, but it's quite fun.

Like the arcade classics, instead of there being a defined ending, this game just keeps getting harder and harder until it breaks you. It's pretty hectic, as the more you progress, the faster the enemies come at you. There are powerups to help you out, and believe me, you're gonna need them.

One thing I'd add to this game would be online leaderboards. In the Internet age, there's no good reason not to include one on an endless game.

Very simple game on all fronts, but the music, graphics, story and gameplay match very well together and give this game almost an artistic value. You really feel the sense of grandeur and megalomania paralleled with the confusion about the whole world unjustly conspiring against you as the Lil King at all moments of this game.

I worked hard to get 30 000 points and win the game. In the end, after countless attempts, I succeeded. Victory screen was not too rewarding which is about the only negative thing I can say about this game.

Another case of simple but effective. How to achieve maximum effect with minimum means. 5/5

Greatest game ever! Great, and glorious victory for Lil King! +30.000 points! Hooray!

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2018
4:42 PM EDT
  • PICO-8