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Reviews for "Lil King"

Simple and original

cool but is there an end condition. its sad if the king dies no matter what.

beepyeah responds:

reach 30,000 pts and Lil King succeeds.

Simple and entertaining. As others have said, the difficulty curve makes the game unplayable way too fast.

It would be nice if stomping on an enemy gave more of a bounce than it does. That way, you wouldn't be completely screwed when you were facing a huge line of enemies. You could just bounce from one to the next, and that would extend the playability of the game. Also, I wouldn't make the ladders hurt you when coming up. I feel like that's a pointless annoyance.

beepyeah responds:

the king used to have more bounce and people also complained about that. personal taste, i guess.

i like the pointy ladder bit!

like urnam04 said, it needs a highscores table. Good job , man!

Pretty funny, well done!