Kristov Colin

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Fat fish from the anchor! 5 Points

Just a clic!

Flying Fish 5 Points

Catch it!

No authority! 5 Points

We won't do anything, we mean it!

No sleep! 5 Points

6 comfortable beds for 6 stooges...

Pushing the captain!! 5 Points

That's humiliating!

Tap the stooge! 5 Points

Like "tap the mole" on the title screen ;)

Tickle the seagull 5 Points

Stop harassing seagulls!

Ugly to see... 5 Points

An eye on captain death...

"Prediction" 10 Points

Very fast stooge!

...I... dunno.... 10 Points

He does everything but what the captain asked for...

Last seconds... 10 Points

He takes his time but he finally do it...

Fast reception! 25 Points

These bubbles won't land!

Quick navigation! 50 Points

Finish the game in less than 10 minutes!

Author Comments

Help Kristov Colin to discover a Merica. (dont ask what it is ;))
A minigame for the Construct 3 game Jam 2018.
theme: "You are not the main character"

Use keypad number or "N" to select sailor and spacebar to perform actions.
Click on the captain to hear his last order again.

English is not our mother language. Sorry for the mistakes.

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This game was pretty dark. Unique, but a little unsettling. It's just something I keep getting from you guys at the style you present these.

It's short and not much replay-ability to it other than getting the medals. Though I did notice that each stooge that you guys removed were in descending order (very generous to keep things simple and less confusing when selecting numbers).

I also noticed that the 'tap a stooge' medal seems to be broken. I tried numerous times and it activates in game, but I don't get it on the site. Only about a week's worth of people have gotten it, which is odd for such an easy medal.

But besides those points, the game was nice.

good game , but the strange animal wont stop shooting weird balls , i already did it like 20 TIMES!?!?!?

Excellent concept but this is one of the buggiest games I've ever played. I counted 13 bugs in just the first playthrough. You cant switch sailors, the dialogue on the monster level won't continue, doing the correct action doesn't continue the dialogue, the sailor just floats in the air when he gets thrown into the ocean, the list goes on and on. Not to mention I couldn't even finish the island level because the captain got stuck on the ship and I couldn't continue the game. Again great concept and story line but this copiously plagued with bugs.

This game amazed me. It's very funny, almost at every line. The adventures are epic and each event is interesting. The graphics look great and the best thing is that they also work fullscreen.

From reading past reviews I infer that you did a lot of error fixing and upgrading after the release to get the game to this state. I think that now this game is ready because I didn't encounter a single error, everything worked smooth.

The gameplay was nice, at start it was only fallowing orders, but later the orders became more vague and forced you to think and "be creative" - hehe. I always worried a bit if I am doing things right but it was rather easy to figure out what to do in time and I guess the worrying is how an actual crewmember under a despotic captain would feel so it is nice simulation of that experience.

Sadly the game is rather short, but it is only normal considering that it is of high quality and every event is unique and it never gets repetitive.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thank you so much for your great feedback :)
Now we just added some medals ingame if you like to extend the experience a little bit ;)

Sympa !

A sailing game reminds me of good old Curse of Monkey Island ! I especially like your animations. I'm sure it will be fun. I mean, it is. Although, right now, Kristov wants everyone in front of him. There are four sailors. They are next to him. I don't know if it's meant to be it. If there is nothing more for now, please add a "work in progress" message.

I'll bookmark this and come back when it's finished.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Yes. When there's boats, pirates, sailors in a game... Monkey Island is THE reference :-)
The game is complete.
But sorry there was a problem because of the direction of the captain.
I've changed some formulation and Kristov direction. I hope it's ok now.

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2018
12:15 AM EDT
Action - Other