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Author Comments

A game about the life of an NPC

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Well notbad on this game the controls could be smoother especially with the directional elements and being able to use the basic mechanics and such anyways interesting game


This game had the potential to have been something great, and it was executed terribly. First of all, the only controls are up, down, and space. The gameplay is minimal at best and barely gives you any choices. The game also crashes occasionally. I will not be playing this again.

Too bad could have been great.

Game seems to be extremely broken... First off you cant press two directions and move like for instance right and down. This is a basic game mechanic that has been in pretty much all games since the gameboy advance was made. But that isn't what makes this game broken, what makes it broken is that when you get to the counter your character (the NPC) stops moving (facing the right) and there seems to be what I can only assume is an adventurer standing in the doorway at the bottom of the screen facing down... He doesn't move, you can't move the NPC, pressing any other key does nothing... So the rest of the game is unplayable.

The game starts very good, but then it goes downhill pretty quickly. Giving the right items just stops at the scenewith hero on a trunk and nothing is explained. Are people cherishing him for his job? Is it end? Is it a glitch and something should happen? We, as players, don't know.

The speed of NPC is really enragingly slow. But then in mine he starts jumping like he's not slow at all which confuses me a bit.

The quest with scores is a strange one since you don't receive anything on ending it. You're just thrown outside without much info on what just happened. Then I got to second mansion, where I had to only find one score but, alas, with the same result.

And then my game stuck when I found the hero and agreed to go on a quest together.

The graphics is good, and the old TV effect looks good here. The sounds are ok.

The concept is interesting, but there is not much story that players can find and it makes exploring the village quite boring. I haven't found any other living soul except the hero.

There is a lot of room for improvement and I dare you to try. I will look forward to see your progress and a lot of interesting games that you will create.

Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2018
12:01 AM EDT
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