Sidekick Adventure

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Save the hero! You're Ernesto the greatest sidekick in the Town.
The mission? Go through two levels and rescue the princess, caught in the castle by the evil minotaur boss!
Your weapons? All that you can pick and throw to help that dumb hero reach the castle alive

Two full-lenght levels and one boss fight awaits you! can you beat it?

· ARROWS: Move and Jump (you can double jump too)
· LEFT CLICK: Pick and Throw Objects (rocks, magic orbs, hero's weapons) to the mouse cursor direction
· R Key: Restart from the last checkpoint.

Some things a great sidekick has to remember:
. A stopped enemy dies by the SWORD!
· A running enemy crashs on SHIELDS
· Sometimes a sidekick need to be fast to resolve some problems.

·And there's a bug if you give an item to a standing hero, always give items if he's running! (sorry for that!)

Music by J.Cruz: https://soundcloud.com/juan-cruz-533118595

Made with 50 events and a lot of love in Construct 3 free version.


Game is overall good but its kinda hard for me to play cause im a WASD kind of guy. It feel akward for me to play using arrow keys especially because you still need to use your left hand for the mouse.
I wish you can let players to change controls.

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Great grame, keep it up!

It is so cute 0W0
The art is nice and the controls are well implemented. It is a great game for a jam. With a little bit of polish (story, bosses, world map, etc.) this could be a front page.

nax89 responds:

Oh! Thanks for the feedback! :D the third level it's a boss battle! I run out of events to implement more :( (have two more designed). Maybe when bought a subscription to C3 I will continue working on this, I have a lot of ideas on paper that don't put on the game.

Nice! It fit the theme perfectly. I just good bloked on the part when you throw the flame gem in the pot (I when all the way to the right and couldn't came back as my "main character" was running in the opposite direction.) Keep doing good work!

nax89 responds:

ohhh! my bad! I run out of events (and time!) to lock both characters inside screen! and want the scroll following the "Hero" to reinforce the "you're not the main..." idea, but maybe it's a bad mechanic.

Thanks for your feedback!

The art is surprisingly okay and the game does try to be creative with the mechanics. One thing that annoys me greatly, however, are the controls. I'm righthanded, so it gets kind of confusing having to use the mouse precisely while simultaneously using the arrow keys. Perhaps include an additional option to use a WASD control scheme. Also I found a glitch where I threw a shield at my guy and he just froze, with no way to move him because whenever I picked up his shield, he still had it and I got a duplicate. The hero's A.I. is also super annoying.

nax89 responds:

Really thanks for the feedback! I hate the same for my game, the controls are not as accurate as I would have liked. The limit of 50 Events kill a lot of that details for me.
The frozen bug when you restart and give the hero and item was sadly discovered after publish the game, I fixed it now on my local version.
Thanks again for your fb!

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3.02 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2018
11:53 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other