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Rosgladia Strike: Demo

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Author Comments

we are currently running a Gofundme to gather funding for a book that explains the lore of this world,

please help us bring it to life here: https://www.gofundme.com/funds-for-artwork

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This was clearly
made to be played on the phone 📱. The question is how do you do that?

Not sure if the demo was supposed to end after gaining the second sword; but if so, I personally feel like for a demo it should include other stuff, like the world map, a town hub with clickable buildings... in fact, making areas you're in explorable by clicking them and initiating battles by clicking certain things would seem to make the most sense for a game like this (for reference, look at AdventureQuest's BattleOn town, basically that sort of observer view of each area).

As for smartphone vs PC, honestly as someone who has played both I'd say each has their own benefits. Touch would be easier to swipe (the mouse swipes are too weak), but clicking can be MUCH faster than touching in any scenario, so the longer shield times on PC are balanced by PC's faster attacks.

I agree with others about weak points, but at the same time I feel like slashes should deal more damage than stabs. Make it a multiplier based on where you attack... so basically the % damage increase from slashing a non-critical point should be less than the % damage increase from slashing a critical point compared to stabbing it.

Another quick suggestion - when the player character changes gear, any gear at all, please have a different character models that recognizes that change. It's a lot of models to draw but for a game like this there'll definitely be a finite amount (it's not an mmo, after all).

It would also be nice to have tons of options for player convenience, like an option to auto-equip better gear or not.

Lastly, mob tactics. One unique thing you could do is change the speed and size of enemy attack nodes depending on the enemy in question; the faster their attacks and/or the smaller the size of the nodes, the less damage each attack does. You can have enemies that mix and match this - so if a player goes up against a boss (like a dragon) that unleashes a ton of huge yet slow nodes at once, the player will suffer major damage from each attack; but even though the nodes are far larger and slower, on a boss like that there'd be a ton of nodes going off at once. You could even color-code nodes to where you can't remove one color without removing another (faint attacks) or colored nodes that have to be pressed within a close time of each other or else you fail to remove that group (dual attacks, arrow storm).

I love the setup of this game, and so long as there's an environment that prompts combat rather than just an endless line of enemies without rhyme or reason, I can see this being very, very successful in its full release.

wen-m responds:

Thank you so much for the detailed review and suggestions!

Really enjoyed this demo. For the early state that it is in, it's already looking very very good compared to other games of this type in the app stores.
My two cents :Seeing how this is looking to be a phone app game the repetitive combat is fine and will be easier to do with multi touch screens than a mouse so it's fine as is. I think maybe being able to switch swords more conveniently would be something to look into. Something like a couple quick-swap buttons that you can custom set different swords into especially if some aspect of strategy with basic attacks versus special attacks or attack types is introduced later on. More so than the simple combat what was more grating for me personally was the repetitive flinch/hit animations of the enemies. All the humanoid characters doing the "stanky leg" just doesn't sit well with me. Also having the blank black screen for the defence is quite immersion breaking compared to the beautiful art everywhere else. I understand it's really early and i hope it's a temporary solution. Maybe even reusing the swipe mechanic for breaking blocks instead to defend against a special attack instead of many small attacks and without fading out to black. You could even say that the character is using their own shield and you are "aiming" to deflect attacks with the directional swipes.

wen-m responds:

thank you so much for your review! very appreciated =D and the ideas for making the game better too! thank you!

I finally played this after seeing so many of wen-m's beautiful art,and I enjoyed this a lot. It does get a little repetitive,but is also addictive in it's own way,and was easy enough to figure out the gameplay,even for someone like me who is not that great of a gamer. The swiping mechanic was the hardest thing for me,but I think this is intended for mobile devices,where that would not be a problem. So in short,I enjoyed this,and hope to see it finished some day.

wen-m responds:

thank you!! =D

Love the artwork and gameplay, combat should be developed further as it gets repetitive fast.
It can go in many different directions, looking forward to the final build.

wen-m responds:

Thank you NBanaj! happy to hear it!

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2018
1:57 PM EDT