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8-Bit Viewer Request | Kassotis+

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Retro Games Vol.2

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Wow nice

The Dedication shows on this one, And here I am checking this flick out, must say its an interesting flash but I like the style here and the direction, some interesting things in this one. sofar from the start of this you have Earned my Golden ticket, but now onto more of this. This was such a beautifull idea you have here.

I would love to see more stuff like this. but make them longer this one was a tad bit short.


KassotisProductions responds:

It means a lot to hear that so thank you very much and please do stick around for more. These are only first try demos. I'm super new with Adobe Flash and basically upload my practice scraps for feedback so yeah there will be a time where I'll upload a full presentable piece for you guys to enjoy. Someone in the comments of my first video even said these animations would make a cool app/game so I’m open to that scenario too.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply but I’m currently on vacation. Expect more of these from September. Take care!

Hey you even got DOOM in there! :D Impressive recreation of all those old classics, and I think there's only one I didn't recognize (the one with the platforms and the lone creature with the big jaw opening?). The animation's great, so much detail in certain scenes too, though the music, albeit pompous, doesn't really seem to fit. It also just fades in and out a bit plainly, no intro or outro or hint that it might be over soon... and most of all: the name. It doesn't seem to do this justice! I guess CDN might stand for something else than Content Delivery Network, but misleading acronym set aside the main thing's a bit generic. How about something like Retro Games Showcase? Nostalgia Games? Something that really speaks about what it is, and the request in the description.

Phew, long comment... but I feel like this has potential to really stand out more! The animation's great otherwise, just some presentational aspects that are lacking. Keep it going!


KassotisProductions responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! You're right the title should be something along the lines of "Retro Games" but we already did that in another video and this one wasn't originally planned. We were supposed to try four videos with four unique styles to gather feedback and see what works for us best and then sort of leave until we got better at it (we're super new to animation). This one is similar to one of the four titled "Retro Games" (the video where people actually asked for more) and it serves as a temporary goodbye until we return with something more complete and impressive. As for the simplicity of the format, for now we just wanted to focus on how people reacted to the animation style and not our storytelling. There will come a time though where we'll upload a full story with proper intro graphics, longer length and everything. Someone might agree that we shouldn't publish anything yet at this stage because we're still noobs but if you let people in your proccess and your practice you get stronger feedback and the final work becomes all the better for it. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!

The Doom segment was pretty cool. I didn't expect so see the infamous E.T. game in this compilation of gems. Cool animation, man. Keep up the good work!

KassotisProductions responds:

Thanks! As for E.T. I guess there's no such thing as bad publicity :P


KassotisProductions responds:


Thanks! Best one yet!

KassotisProductions responds:

Thank you for your support!

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3.31 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2018
2:19 PM EDT