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Dead Chronicles

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Another zombie apocalypse?
Made in a pixelated retro style! Figth waves of undead and try to survive!

Alternate controls (left handed friendly):
Arrow keys to move
Z change melee/ranged weapon
X to attack/shoot
C reload

This is a preview of Dead Chronicles Survival mode, a game for android

Download full version:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.companyname.DEADCHRONICLES&hl=en
IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dead-chronicles/id1371422745?platform=iphone&preserveScrollPosition=true#platform/iphone


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What was after the door with 99999 price on it?

DeadChronicles responds:

Well, no more 99999 price... but don't tell anyone! maybe there is a secret door some where in the map!

Fine funny game that gets you going but I encountered a few critical issues. First time I was playing, the game slowed to a crawl once I reached wave 5. I have a pretty recent computer so I really have no idea what happened. Pretty much let myself die since I couldn't find any other way to restart. As soon as I hit that play button the speed was back at full throttle. Spent my second game just using all my money in order to explore the map and found the katana. I knew what I needed ! Got to wave 7 of my third game, one more round and I was good to go ! Painstakingly slugged my way using only the baseball bat. That was fun and challenging The very last creepy crawler got stuck someplace in the map. I could hear him but never could find him. At this point I pretty much gave up.

Gave the game 2.5 out of 5 not to be an ass, but because I could only finish a single game out of the three I played. The only bit I really enjoyed was hitting homeruns with zombie heads knowing I had a clear goal and that was all stopped when I was about to reach it.

Also, minor glitch, if you hug the walls in certain spots some of the adjacent rooms can be revealed. Figured that out trying to find that blasted zombie ! Pretty sure you didn't intend for it to happen.

I love the reload mecanism, one shell at a time, you slow down, every bullets counts since health and money are very limited. Movement speed on enemies and your character are great. And lastly, I'm not a game developer but I might be into something, when your character is behind a wall it would be great to have a bit more transparency. Using mainly the bat I had to kite most of the time and I dreaded the parts where my dude was behind a wall.

Here ! Hope it helps !

DeadChronicles responds:

Hello Malek104!

Sure your feedback helps! Sorry to hear only 1 play went well.

Working rigth now to fix those missing zombies and giving some transparency to the walls, I'll keep you updated!

Fun game, but layout is too hard for me. Lefties need to use arrow keys to move, and x to shoot.

DeadChronicles responds:

Hi Blog091!

Funny thing! I'm left handed too! Never had problems with the WASD layout but I do have issues with scissor or can openers so I'll integrate your controls.

Thanks for the rating!

Fun mini survival game i like this. but the game want a pause and full screen button this will be perfect!

DeadChronicles responds:

Thanks for the rating!

The pause button gave me problems while testing this browser version and decided to remove it, but I'll consider adding it... you can always take a break between waves! ;)

Not a bad game. it took me a while to figure out i could go down. I had no idea what the money was for. Its really annoying that zombies can go through walls that I can't go through.

DeadChronicles responds:

Hello warprinse!

I'll add an instruction screen before the game starts explaining the money... and I'll study a way to make more clear the 'invisible' doors when you go down (maybe making the room a little bit visible when you enter an adjacent room.. don't know yet, I've to think about it)

Thanks for your feedback!

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2018
6:29 AM EDT