Abaven - Prologue (Part 1)

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It's here! Abaven animated short. I remember attempting a similar project but cancelled it.

It begins with the invaders of the cybernetic race after the Zephaniah stone which was hung centre of the cyan ring tower. Lux, Udia and Erebus stop them in their tracks to stealing the sacred stone and invading planet Lucina. As the invaders retreated as the 3 characters were too powerful, Erebus unforgivably destroyed the ship with them. Lux and Udia where concerned with Erebus dark nature to obliterate them cold heartedly. Erebus disbanded but Lux got use to this attitude of his.

There will a part 2 of this so stay tuned and enjoy the animation!

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not smart to nuke the boss area because it clearly holds the most valuable treasure and chests that are now... nuked. 3 million light years and they blew up the money.

wish it was longer.otherwise good work.

That was pretty epic.

The animation was pretty good! Loved the blending of colors. The planetary setting was good. The story? I haven't a clue, as I couldn't hear what they were saying. When I could hear what they were saying, they spoke in very dry, monotone voices that made me cringe. Like, every character... except the androids, but even then it was probably because an effect filter was used.

I'd recommend in the future getting some voice actors to help you out. Give them a bit more pizazz.

Animation was pretty good though. Just gotta work on the dialog a bit more.

Freaking awesome!

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3.92 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2018
1:26 AM EDT