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Pointless Platformer

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Author Comments

A very pointless platformer with no goal, lazily made but this is infact my first flash game. I hope you find it..... fun?

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Platformer flash. This is a pointless game that was made to be pointless. Feels like a demo to me. Add a goal and things to do and it might improve.

Notbad for your first flash game

So as mentioned this is notbad for your first flash game it was good and notbadm controls work well and gameplay was ok but you do need to ad much more stuff some sound/FX and or music would be one, and more action going on, even some improved graphics would be a plus.

A few things as mentioned above could help on this game.


DeathGamesdeathmatch responds:

TBH i didn't really plan for this to be enjoyed, I only made it as a start for testing and seeing what I could do with a new engine I had got at the time, tbh flash games are not my biggest goal as I have alreddy started working on games with rpg maker xp, I just wanted to take a break and try something new... something out of my comfort zone, I have no plans with this, I only wanted to see how good I could make a platformer. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Cool , I used to try to make a platform game myself, and it was awfully broken with the part that involves side hit box and different altitude standing boxes, then I have to give up the jumping system...I wonder where you learned the coding for those tricky objects in flash with AS3, Anyway, physics of this game work smoothly, good job!

I know you've said previously that this game and Blocky Tiles were basically "experiments", but maybe you should think about continuing with Flash in some form. Is this the best platformer ever? No, but it's certainly better than what I would expect from someone's first game.

Maybe with some tweaking - a different color palette, a fix for the roof glitch, a change to the areas where you are forced to kill yourself for making the wrong choice - this could be a great game, but as it stands now, you've done a good job on your first game!

DeathGamesdeathmatch responds:

I probally won't continue with flash, seeing as I prefer to use my RPG Maker XP which I payed money for, plus... I can't find stencyl on my laptop anymore, So yeah.... But Glad You enjoyed the game.

Not bad for a first game! The mechanics are alright, though would look a lot better if the character moved when he moved, and being able to jump out of the roof (and die) is a bit annoying on one part. Also no end! :/ You did say so in the description, but could have at least a finish line graphic... something saying You Win when you reach the end. It's a start...


DeathGamesdeathmatch responds:

I used a base in stencyl to make this, and added a bit to the end of the level, if i left it the same then it would have been a lot shorter, so in otherwords this game is finished, and i'm not going to work on 1000 width of a game when I actually am alreaddy working on a game with RPG Maker XP, this is just a short little thing I did to pass the time as I wait for the assests I need for my game, and adding a you win thing would actually take a lot of effort, believe it or not making flash games is hardr then actual games with things like rpg maker xp.

Credits & Info

2.04 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2018
3:59 PM EDT