People Are The Problem : Foamy The Squirrel

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If there's a problem, a person is involved. illwillpress.com
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lol foamy, original non-conformist. ah but don't you know, you're a bloody "anarchist" if you're not a conformist. That means you must conform to the appropriate established political views.

Good to see you're back Foamy and pissed off as ever!!!!

We all have problems that attest to it but I blame Obama and the liberals. Everything was okay and at a decent level before him and his crap and since the eight years he'd been in the White House everything had gone down and so many people are whiny bastards, all dependent on the government for free food, free money and free housing.

Things are starting to take a turn for the better but there's still quite a lot of work to be done.

it's called having less government, society turned more dependent on government to take care of them. Eventually the average individual becomes a slave toward the tax and license system. The depression was a big wake up call and we got Social Security Act as well as Older Americans Act to give better support (or support cuz of lack of) to older populations. Social justice is nice and all but it's not all just government's fault either. We as a society are also the problem. Newer generations don't wanna inherit the things their parents worked hard for or they squander things away. Independence and freedom is nice but people are seemingly doing everything wrong.

Now suddenly science pulls some real BS. Caffeine used to be bad. This was common knowledge. Now its good. Eggs are bad, now its good, now its bad. Same with milk.

Now they say you have a mental disorder for sharing a universal disgust with people who are so freaking obnoxious when they eat with their mouths open and make as much noise as possible with their lips/mouth while sounding like slugs having an orgy. Being neat = OCD. That is BS there.

"You can't have your own opinions/ideas". We've fallen out because of this 'fake peace'. It was never like this in either 90s and 2000s, even in 2000-2003 people could talk just about anything. Trolling wasn't 'quite' a thing yet even, though flaming was.

Another thing that annoys me is if somehting was even 1-7 days old, people consider it 'old news'. I can't keep up with all this new words and esp acronyms that people make up and that NO ONE uses. WYD. Like wtf uses that. Like maybe only one or two people in my life used it. I used to know what it meant back in AIM chat days/middle school days but even then no one used it.

But yeah, Human Decency and common sense. We need it. It's not 'just' about 'equality' and sh*.The kind of world or "utopia" from "equality" people ask for/dream about isn't nearly as pretty as people may think it may be. Far from it. As long as people wish to be special/unique, forget about your extreme equality. Respecting differences and human decency is enough. Punishing others because you weren't 'accommodated' is just inhumane.

i been a foamy fan for yrs and ill tell u what this is so true i been saying this shit as well foamy you the squirrel

the next video do for app dating and how people dont meet in person no more lol

a long term fan Giovanni

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Mar 23, 2018
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