Super Ryona World

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Author Comments

In the land of the Flower Kingdom there are magical hats that grant magic power to their users. The three great wizard hats obtained by Ryona, the Queen of Flower Kingdom, are said to be the most powerful. One Night the skeleton named Skull stole the wizard hats. Play as the daughters of Ryona; Macy and Lucy, to re-obtain the stolen hats. Enjoy many fun levels of platforming, swimming, jumping, running, fireballs, and dodging! Go at it alone or have a friend join at any time on the same screen!

In game Controls:
Player 1:
Enter - Pause Game
WASD - Movement
V Key - Run/Fireball/Hold Items
B Key - Jump (Hold for higher jumps)

Player 2:
Arrow Keys - Movement
O - Run/Fireball/Hold Items
P - Jump (Hold for higher jumps)

OverWorld Controls:
WASD OR Arrow Keys - Movement
B key OR P - Start Level

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É sério, em todos esses meses no Newgrounds, nunca vi um clone de Super Mario. E sim, esse é um dos melhores....

This game is pretty good for a mario clone. I've played several browser platforms that don't perform super great in the past, but honestly the controls were pretty solid on this one. Still a little floaty, but honestly they worked well for me most of the time.

What I would definitely critique is the graphics and character design in general. I know this is a mario clone, but I think maybe that's worn on this games sleeve a little too apparently. Some unique enemies and characters would keep me from comparing it to mario so much.

There are also a few controls and UI gripes I have. Entering the level with the jump key wasn't super apparent so it took me a couple seconds to figure out that out. Also, once you've paused the game, you have to use the space bar to unpause it which was confusing.

Finally with the level coins, once you collect them, I think they stay collected, but every time you respawn they look the same, so I couldn't tell if they had been counted our not. Making them translucent or something would have fixed this. I had the same issue with the keyhole door where I unlocked one and then died, and wasn't sure if when I respawned the game still considered that I had unlocked it. Maybe you could change the graphic into a key in the lock once you get it so it's more clear.

Despite these gripes, I think the overall experience was really solid and I'd be down to try a sequel if one came out at some point.

RHMGames responds:

Thanks for your valuable comments. We will come up with a much better game in the second version with our game developer. We are aware of our missing. If you want, you can change game controls from within the game. (setting section) Regards!

This game is well-made and extensive. Challenging, but doable. Very very impressed.

RHMGames responds:

Thank you. We're trying to be better.

its kinda like mario except it has the open world.

im curious,what program did you use for this.

RHMGames responds:

We used GameMaker: Studio. (you can get there: YoYogames.com)

it's a good game. not perfect but it's cool.

this is maybe a strange way to judge a game like this but I like this methode.
I'll look at the four part of the game (lore, graphism, sound and gameplay) and tell you what I think about it:

the lore:
well I guess this is not the major point in that kind of game but we have at least a reason why the hero has to defeat the vilain and we have even some text before each boss battle so I valid this point. you have a star

the grafism:
It's a nice job, monsters are well desined, animations are smooth. It's just sad you just changed the colour for the background between each world but this is the only sad thing
in this point. I valid this point. you have a star

well ... the background sound is well chosen, but the music is not really good. I kinda liked the music for dungeons and for the fire world, the forest music is ok but the snowland music was not a pleasure to hear. another problem is that the music is to repeatitive and I got bored of the world tracks after a few levels. this just need some improvement so Idon't valid this point, but you have a half-star

it's easy to get the controls, and we have many chalanges in each level. however some of the levels looked the same and we got nothing new in the ice land. however, the volcano got some new ennemies and traps.
another problem is that sometimes you walk a lot without having any hat or any ennemi wich coud be boring for the player. so I don't valid the point, but you have a half-star.

I guess you just wanted to do a fangame for mario and didn't care about doing something new so I can't really blame you for that. I also see it's clearly a game you mad at 100% and I know it's hard to do. so I'll give you a half star for it.

so this is not an exeptional game but I had some fun while playing it. you deserve this score.
good luck with your next projects (by the way sorry for my bad English, this is not my first language)

RHMGames responds:

Thank you for this wonderful review. It's very comprehensive and detailed. We noted the details. It will be a guide in our next game. Thank you again for your time.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2018
5:46 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG