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You have been assigned to find a lost password that's hidden in an old Macintosh.

This is a difficult game, please give it time. Feel free to use Google if you get stuck.

This version right here is a bit compressed and a few functions are lacking. If you're interested, feel free to download the game at deklaration.itch.io/128k

Make sure that your email account allows mail from “canned responses”. Or if you are uncertain, you can use a trash email account. This game is not playable if my bot isn’t allowed to respond to your emails. If you want to use a trash email, you can use https://www.guerrillamail.com/


This was awesome and tons of fun! I hope to see more!

This game kinda reminds me of how to crack cicada 3301 puzzle, but way simpler :] it really unique because this is the first time I play something like this and enjoy it a lot! Sadly it kinda short.

Looking forward to seeing the sequel (if you have a plan to do that) :D!

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This is amazing!!! I grew up on the original Macintosh systems. I still have my SE/30!!! This has been super fun and reminds me of all the good times I had in my childhood and teen years. It reminds me of what someone at work asked me the other day. I said i was the f-ing borg! I acquired computers and build a giant console that was a mix of old Macs and PCs. So fun. If you could swing it, I would love to have your autograph to put up in my office.

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Hi. I joined Newgrounds just to leave this review, after seeing the kickstarter for 256k. I rather enjoyed this puzzle, though I did get stuck on the machine clue. However after resolving that I finished the game in short order.

I love the idea, and I immediately backed 256k after finishing this game.

It's a shame you're not sticking with the name and Mac theme, though, as I'm a big fan of my 128k Mac.

I wish you the best on the sequel, I'm looking forwards to playing it.

Deklaration responds:

Hi! Wow, thank you!

I like the Mac idea as well, but I want to move away from it for copyright reasons. It didn'treally matter when I posted this game online, but since 256k will be sold, I had to create something new. The problem with the name is that the 256k computers had some color, so the name wouldn't really fit the game. It's a shame, because I'm growing more fond of it all the time.

Thank you so much for playing. I hope you'll enjoy the sequel as well.

This was interesting to play, if not particularly challenging. The idea of the simulated Mac environment was new, and I feel like a lot could be done with it.

However, I can't help but feel like it was not executed well. There was little depth to the simulation and the puzzles felt forced. While I'm typically a fan of games that require going outside the game environment, I'm forced to disfavor this one. The game will become unplayable if either the gmail or reddit bot is ever shut down. Perhaps I am biased against ARGs, but I find this a bad practice.

The game also seemed somewhat buggy. I found that if I attempted to type a # in the Microsoft Word app, the screen would glitch and I would be unable to click on anything until I deleted the #.
This became somewhat relevant as, due to misreading the spacing in the morse code puzzle, I was directed to a Youtube channel that started with a #. The behavior in the Word app led me to believe that this was in fact part of the game, and I spent some time scouring it for clues before realizing my mistake.

In all, this felt like an incompletely developed concept. I do look forward to seeing the sequel and hope it can improve on the potential here.

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Deklaration responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The #-bug is only an issue in the HTML5-version of the game and will not happen in the sequel or if you download the game at deklaration.itch.io
I don't really know why HTML5 thinks # means it should glitch out.

The aspect of sites shutting down is a general problem with any game that requires internet to play. Websites, servers and, of course, emails can get shut down. I do however have backup plans if something like that would happen. (the biggest issue would be if there would exist more results for the Google-part of the puzzle)

I can't help but agree with you about the puzzles feeling forced. They are a bit too elaborate to feel natural. I think that might be the games biggest flaw. This is however fixed in the sequel where I worked more on the writing.

Thank you very much for the feedback and I hope you will enjoy the sequel more. If you feel like backing it, you can find the campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1650962889/256k-an-augmented-reality-puzzle-game
If you would rather wait to maybe buy it on Steam, it will probably be available in late August.
Thank you for playing!

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Mar 23, 2018
2:31 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click