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Game prototype

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Author Comments

Game control:

arrows - for moving

up arrow - jump

ctrl - attack

down arrow in air - airstrike

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I really dig the graphical style and the idle animations, this is a well-put-together game already. However, there's a few big problems IMHO: first, the combat is very lacking. Now, I'm not one for super complicated controls in a platformer but combat is clearly intended to be a big part of your game - as such, I'd recommend a greater variety of weapons and a greater variety of "moves", so to speak. I also think the combat would benefit heavily from a block and/or parry control - when you're getting swarmed by enemies, timing a jump to avoid one attack usually means landing directly in the path of another. This leads to another issue: there's a TON of enemies. This may just be a personal preference of mine, but it seemed like the balance between platforming and fighting was weighted SUPER heavily in the fighting direction; this meant either taking extended breaks from platforming to deal with heavy combat situations or simply leaping over foes and bypassing the combat entirely. If you're looking for an action-heavy platformer, I'd consider ways to keep the combat less frequent but compelling rather than constant and tedious. As a last note - I'm not sure if the super dark areas are just unfinished or if they're intended to be jet black, but with the dark color scheme and the black platforms it becomes very difficult to discern what's ground and what isn't. This could be interesting in a slower-paced part of the game, but when you're getting assaulted left and right by skeletons it's important to see exactly where your escape route is.

tl;dr fantastic start and I can't wait to see where it goes next, there's just some room for improvement in the level design and mechanics.

Me gusta.

If you want to do Mac-Users a favor, than do never ever put a control on the ctrl-key. But this is the internet, which means that Mac-Users are no real people, right?
The personal choice of your PC aside, I think you have a good start here. I hope you will include ranged weaponry such as bows, guns, slingshots, potatoes, bacteria and Trump's latest tweets.
If you want to improve your hack'n'slash even further, I would suggest you including the ability to block attacks. Furthermore, more different enemies (flying, exploding on contact, shooting, blocking, maybe one mimicring your every move?), music (nothing too fancy, that would probably ruin the flair), a storyline and, if you really want to make something, I'd suggest a shop-system. Slain enemies drop stuff, which the merchant happens to exchange into real goods, which can be used to raise your statistics or to add some different attacks, or to purchase weaponry or armor.
The possibilities are endless!
So, make it happen! I know you can do it, because, as described before, I think you really are on the right way.


I'm posting hoping you'll write a review on my Alpha when it comes out next week. tehe, well, I think for where it's at it's fine! now things I think you could use would be some the obvious RPG stuff, hp pots and maybe switch the heart system with an actual bar or vial that way you could work with a lil more float var ranges and something I added into may games that pretty standard I think could work well would be a power up. like a space bar or down arrow AoE ground SMASH making like a cool shock wave. the Ariel strike is really abusable if you finger mash that you'll never get hit in the game also maybe try a ranged enemy and maybe upgrade?? so if you wanna spawn lesser enemies later in game you can kill them a little faster to hurry or, not to keep the difficulty curve high. Not really sure what you your plans are so, I don't know really. I see the castlevania tag so maybe you won't but, it would be cool to have a active map that has various traps or timing events. those are always cool bro! I'm rating 5 but only giving you 4 on review simply because it's not finished and I feel it's unfair to judge low or high comparing to a finished game... thumbs up for effort and keep going looks good so far!

--Sincerely, Keolamation

Good for a start! I think the airstrike needs some kind of counter, such as a ranged or air based enemy that can hit you in the air. The background could have some more colour/detail as right now it is just black. Besides that, good start! =}

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2018
1:57 PM EDT