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Be Better Than Equal

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In this orientation for Anfarm International, the world's first animal owned and operated company, you'll follow the latest employee from the food trough to the cafeteria!

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"... well, in return for your; dedication, hard work and submission will bring you money!
Money will bring you all the Anfarm products you desire!"

You message gets across over flamboyantly casual visuals and nice audio. Almost neatly done - with great graphics come great sync jobs... didn't really look crisp in my eyes, but hey: you made it. Four stars kek <3

George Orwell would be proud. I mean, I don't know for certain that he would, but really this is a brilliant sort of miniature sequel to the original Animal Farm. You've done a brilliant job capturing and modernizing the style of the original novel. I want this to be shown in schools after students read the book.

AlstonJones responds:

Wow! Thank you so much for your praise and I hope you're right about Orwell's reaction. As a side note, I have a friend who teaches high school English and he has shown this to his students after reading Animal Farm. Your wish has come true, at least for a few kids!

I don't know if it is intended, but I find it show why workers own company does not make much sens for workers under capitalism.

I liked the Animal Farm reference with the executive pigs in the beginning, and how the current year is 1984 as well.