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The Spearman

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The Spearman - an exciting game based on ragdoll physics. In this game you need to kill all other stickmans by throwing javelins.
Simply drag and drop your finger for targeting and firing. Shoot the javelins fast and have fun beheading your enemies with headshots.

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I scored 30!

I could get angry at the fact that you can nail a guy as he throws his spear, and then watch helplessly as it arcs towards you for revenge. Or I could get angry when I am on the verge of death, and I hit the heart to restore my health... only to get IMMEDIATELY taken out with an insta-kill headshot. But dammit, there's something so satisfying about firing a barrage of javelins and turning a dude into a pincushion, or releasing a javelin before the next enemy appears and have him pop up just in time to receive a headshot. It's a simple game, but surprisingly fun and addictive, and even when I get killed, it just makes me want to start it up again. Good job.

I really enjoyed this. I would rate it higher if it had some more decoration and maybe different obstacles.

I really enjoy this game. It has simple controls, and it's quite satisfying killing the stickman. Just one drawback is that on the off chance the stick guy throws his spear and I throw mine, I kill him, but his spear then kills me. The enemy is already dead and I get killed? It would be nice if it just stops that nonsense. It would make sense if the stick guy is already dead and his spear wouldn't kill or hit me.

Cool, medals would be sweet!