Skitzo Vs Cuphead

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So this animation came about because I finally got a chance to play and beat Cuphead, what a great game, congrats on the team for never giving up on the project! And then I thought, wouldn't it be fun if I drew an AU fan animation were Cuphead meets my character Skitzo the 1920s Killer Bear and a boss type battle begins! So here you go :)

This is just a fan cartoon and Cuphead belongs to Studio MDHR.
Skitzo the Killer Bear belongs to me, Comick (Crystal Gonzalez).

Animation by: Comick (Crystal Gonzalez)
Music belongs to: "The-Spider-Machine" by Cazok, https://cazok.newgrounds.com/audio/
Skitzo now has a plush toy and keychain!
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its awesome i hope they added this in the cup head game if they did i would be amazed about the song bc the song sound way perfect to this character.

Comick responds:

Thanks man! Yeah if you like the song there's a link to it in the description and I agree they made an awesome tune, I imagined it fitting to the battle so well haha.

Is there some where in under the ocean that a skitzo cartoon exists? Or is that cartoon only have barely any skitzo?

Comick responds:

Haha you never know! A skitzo cartoon has been found in very odd places so it might happen!

i dont watch skitzo, to much for me. and im a grown ass man. liked this one though. keep up the creative works!

Comick responds:

Thanks dude! Yeah I get that, he's not for everyone lol. At least thanks for appreciating the animation and creative work that goes into these things regardless! :)


Comick responds:

Hahahaha yeah Skitzo is not a kid-friendly character and never will be, its an adult horror comic and cartoon XD I even put parental advisory notes on his comics. So they have no one to blame except thier negligent parents who are not monitoring what they watch online. Not my problem for making them cry...but I do get a laugh out of the ones who say "Skitzo is bad and evilll! You need to stop making these so creepy and scary, I want Skitzo to be nice and cute!" That's like asking for Freddy Krueger (a child killer) to be family-friendly material...

Neat animation. I was thinking about Skitzo when I first saw Cuphead. And this other game on newgrounds with the same old time cartoon theme, I don't remember what it was called and have no idea how to search for it, but I recall it being a simulated black and white cartoon and involving jumping over logs in a forest.

Realistically though, I don't think Skitzo would be much of a threat to the likes of Cuphead, because I think Cuphead is actually just way out of Skitzo's league. Skitzo has never actually been up against an adversary who was in a position to do him damage. I don't think he'd stand a chance against Cuphead, he's basically a bully picking on weaker beings. There's no reason to believe Skitzo would be resilient against actual damage, right? He has never fought armies, he has only terrorized helpless innocents. That's his thing. It'd be like.... Jason Voorhees vs Norman Bates, or Superman vs Jason Voorhees. One shot from Cuphead and he'd be dead. But that doesn't mean you couldn't change the way he is seen by making a game, they're fictional characters after all, you could make a game where Bambi kills Godzilla too if you wanted.

But the animation here is very convincing, it doesn't get any better than that.

Comick responds:

Lmao way too long explanation about MY OWN character that I've been drawing since 2008. Love it when a person says NO noooo you see Skitzo is this this and that. Yeah dude...if you even read In The Dark (the graphic novel series that Skitzo comes from), you would see that he lives in Hell. Not just any part of Hell, but in the Lair of Idolatry- the demon of mass consumerism. Skitzo is the only one who can walk on his temple while the other demons must remain off the stairs for fear of being killed. Skitzo literally dances on Idolatry's knee while partaking in the sacrifices of humans who worship Idolatry as their God. Granted, Skitzo is not a fool to deal against Idolatry or Lice Demons (beings of pure darkness and evil in Hell) so he's no OP, but he is no softy to the fact he lives and walks around other entities so demonic they kill and eat souls of the damned. So in context, Cuphead would probably have died into tiny cup pieces meeting him because Skitzo is not mortal and doesn't have a soul (which Cuphead does have and he can die). But I didn't animate this cartoon to show a one hit kill on Cuphead (that's boring!) I drew it because the game was super fun and because IF Skitzo was in the game I'd love to have a level where he's a boss level (where obviously you can beat or be beaten by the opponent). Thanks for watching the animation and I appreciate you enjoyed the piece! :)

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Mar 18, 2018
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