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Adventures of Piggy

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This was the first ever game I created using Stencyl. It took about a month to create. All art is original, except for the background of the title screen but cannot find source now, and everything was created in Photoshop.

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Hi, I am Dinosorius Smiggler, an adult man (19), and I am writing a comment. This game is fucking impossible, I've tried it several times and I still couldn`t make it to lvl 5. This is enough, I quit your game forever!!!!! 4.5 stars :(

sss43 responds:

Alright, that level is kinda hard. I understand this is a month later but what you gotta do is jump right as the man is about to hit the furthest point on the right above the block. Then you gotta jump as soon as you land to the right and land on the same block. Then go to the next block and proceed as normal.

Pretty well done. It's that perfect mix of game that is good to relax to. Keeps you thinking, but is chill. Also super cute!

sss43 responds:

Thanks! I was going through a pretty tough time when creating this game so this chill track was really great to listen to while creating the game!

It's not that bad for first time game. Platformers are a great beginner game to make. I can't remember which lever but the one after the level that says "steep drop" I had trouble getting over the second pillar. But all around its a pretty good game. Thumbs up!

sss43 responds:

Oh wow, I did not realize that this game got approved until now. And even if it had gotten approved, I figured it would not be played at all. Thanks for the comment, this was my very first game, and I appreciate it. Currently, I'm working on another platforming game that will be completely built within Java. I think I'm going to end up putting lot more "heart" into that one.

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2.43 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2018
5:34 PM EDT