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Cave Invader

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Author Comments

• There are no 2 pits(bats) near each other.
• You gain extra life when your points reach 100.
Update #1:
• Start menu.
• Tutorials are optional.
• map and inventory background changed.
• starting lives increased to 2 :)
• some minor fixes.

In this game you control a guy who invades caves and kills monsters. You should pay attention to what the guy senses on nearby tiles (because the cave is dark) and take actions accordingly. Senses are written on bottom of the screen. You can press tab to access your map and inventory. When map is open you can see where you are and what you have sensed on previous tiles (just click on the red tiles in map). As making progress through cave you may find “Dancing Pouches” which gives you Items, these items are accessible in inventory. These items will help you through the journey or do they?
There are 20+ Levels and each one is different from another. If we get good rate and review from you guys, we will add more content.
Original idea of the game is based on an old school game called “Hunt the Wumpus”. The game is nowhere near complete but We (I and my Friend) thought it might be a good Idea to put pre-alpha version here and see what you guys think about it. If anything particular hits your mind, please write it in reviews.
Thank you and Happy Hunting.

We Have Created Everything Except Fonts and Audio.
Links of the third party libraries and contents we used:

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I didn't think it was a bad game at all. Its like minesweeper, but more interesting. I didn't quite get the kill the monster thing, since they stay where they are, just escape! But I came up with a story in my head hes securing the area for safety.

Its in an alpha stage so I'll give you a higher score because of your potential to add new things hopefully. A different type of monster perhaps. Or a mushrooms that put you to sleep and use up some of your turns. There could be nice things too like say an old campground as a temporary save point on the bigger floors, maybe a detector to find how many spaces to exit or to next good thing (food, ammo). Maybe survivors to rescue?

Anyway, I see potential, and yes, I had played Hunt the Wumpus-- good job

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2018
4:04 AM EST