Big Shot Boxing

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Win 10 Fights 5 Points

Win 10 Fights

Win 5 Fights 5 Points

Win 5 Fights

Win Novice Title 10 Points

Win Novice Title

Be the Novice champ age 40 25 Points

Be the Novice champ age 40

Defend the Novice title 10 times 25 Points

Defend the Novice title 10 times

Defend the Novice title 5 times 25 Points

Defend the Novice title 5 times

Have 40 fights 25 Points

Have 40 fights

Win Novice Title without a Loss 25 Points

Win Novice Title without a Loss

Win the Pro Title 25 Points

Win the Pro Title

Be Pro Champ at age 40 50 Points

Be Pro Champ at age 40

Defend the pro title 10 times 50 Points

Defend the pro title 10 times

Defend the pro title 5 times 50 Points

Defend the pro title 5 times

Win the Pro Title With Jesus Sanchez 50 Points

Win the Pro Title With Jesus Sanchez

Win the Pro Title without a Loss 100 Points

Win the Pro Title without a Loss

Author Comments

Some people call boxing ‘The Hurt Business’. The bright Vegas lights and the million dollar pay cheques are a distant dream for most boxers.

Climbing the ranks to the top of the world is never going to be easy, dreams can be shattered with just one punch. Just a handful of fighters will have the will and the skill to drag themselves up from the canvas and keep on fighting.

Big Shot Boxing gives you the opportunity to live out the career of a professional boxer from their debut to retirement. Choose how to train your fighter and manage their progression up the ranks. Will you build up skills and experience fighting journeymen or will you race up the ranks to challenge for the title?

Find your own fighting style, box behind the jab and counter punch or throw caution to the wind and go for the knockout!

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THere is a lot of good stuff to be said about the game, which most people in the comments have said already, but there is bad stuff I don't think anybody has mentioned yet as well. The most annoying part is the speed and distance. For example, sometimes when I block while being stunned and close to the ropes I can throw a quick jab at my opponent to send them flying halfway across the ring and catch my breath. Next time I try to do the same thing at pretty much the same distance and one of four things happens: 1.) I land the punch but can't push my opponent and get knocked down. 2.) I miss the jab even though I should be in range and get knocked down. 3.) My fighter awkwardly raises his hand to gently touch the opponent's head and I get knocked down. 4.) My opponent's punches, no matter whether they're jabs, crosses or uppercuts, overtake my jab and I get knocked down. I don't know why that is, there seem to be no consistent reasons. Or at least I couldn't find any. Any help?

Hard but awesome, BTW defended title 45 times in a row, let me introduce my friend. Ladies and gentlemen the 47 y/o and still UNDEFEATED world CHAMPION ANGEEEEL SOTTOOOO!

Overall one of the best games I've played on newgrounds. I really like it, Keep up the good work man.

First of all this game is hard you have to use your brain to win. I discovered this game 1 week ago and i though it was some trash game but then i study the mecanics of this game to hit 2 times records. it's well done but if the creator put more moveset to the game such as dodge it will be the perfect boxing game.


colburt187 responds:

Wow, you are the Champ! top of both the leader boards. Glad you enjoyed it and found the deeper level of skill required to become the champ.

I am reading so much rage in this game. People not understanding some of the mechanics of the game like "jabs do NOT score points towards the round" even though that's explained in the tutorial of the game. People underestimating the jab as a tool for making sure the uppercut whiffs, and punishing whiffed uppercuts with your own uppercut then jabbing out to ensure they can't trade uppercuts with you. Some of these mechanics are easy to find with just spamming jab. I love the cornerman almost always saying relevant stuff each round. Sometimes he'll miss the obvious ass kicking I'm receiving because I won the round, but he's otherwise on point and really helpful.

Oh there's still rage. Flash knockouts happen often enough where they're memorable. Sometimes in quick match I press down out of pure habit and kick myself to the main menu. That's bonkers- it's too easy to hit. Pick that key up and push it somewhere else! Oh and make the cornerman realize when my stamina is low despite winning the round, and see if he can't offer some advice for that.

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2018
7:02 AM EST
Sports - Boxing