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Arrows keys to move, Z to interact.
A cute, short pixelart platformer I made for the r/Webgames gamejam. I hope you enjoy!

My twitter: https://twitter.com/tinyruin

EDIT: Fixed most reported bugs, jumping is still a bit awkward.
EDIT 2: Game may be a bit laggy in Firefox, sorry.


As always... An amazing game by you... Again. This Really does inspire me ALOT. What engine to you use???

tinyworlds responds:

Thanks man! Sending you a PM : )


Really cute little story. I liked the art style, and the music was really great- you managed to create a really compelling atmosphere with just a few simple elements, and being able to do that can be the difference between really special games, and forgettable ones.

This game was pretty simple and short, it would be a full 5 stars if there was just a little more to it, maybe some puzzles to solve or a little more platforming, just to draw out the mystery a little and give us more time in the environment. It felt like the journey and discovery part was over too quickly... and if you drew it out a little more, the ending would have that much more impact. That being said, I think you did a great job telling a very cute story. It can be difficult to keep things interesting and simple at the same time, but you managed to strike a nice balance. I'm a fan of the way you combined environmental storytelling with exposition from the screens. I thought it was great how things seemed to get more sinister the farther down you went, and I really loved the end.

My only real issue is there wasn't enough of it, which in itself is intended as a compliment. Nice job on a lovely game!

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Short, but still quite amazing, love the backstory of why things float and it was all because of a mound of orange...thingies..? but still the music was calming and I encountered no problems at all.

tinyworlds responds:

Spoillllerss. Thanks for playing :)

I really loved the atmosphere, the art and music really worked well together.

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3.24 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2018
1:11 PM EST
Adventure - Other