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Scent of the Earth

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Earth always smells good after a rain, much like perfume after a shower.

Hope you like it!

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this was really nice of you to do a simple practice and at the same time experiment with certain animated objects, so good job!!!

The water effects were good but the leaf parts did seem off I did enjoy the submission however but the graphics and environments do need some additional upgrades in the future good work on this nonetheless

AngshumanDhar responds:

Thank you, I'll keep it in mind.

The fluid movement of the water was okay, but the leaf was very stiff. It was very easy to tell the image of the leaf was being rotated up and down. I think allowing more parts to move, fold, squash, and or stretch, would bring a lot more believability to the life in the setting.

AngshumanDhar responds:

Yes. This was just me experimenting. I'm very new to animation so I'm trying to figure some stuff out. Thank you for the advice, I'll definitely keep it in mind.

Really nice work once again ! =D

AngshumanDhar responds:

Thank you so much!!! 😊😊😊

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3.33 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2018
8:05 AM EST