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Escape the Grapnark

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Author Comments

This is my first game i made since a year or two ago

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf8iJwfNwjjY52jgfNvnURQ

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For a first game, I think it's OK! there is beginning, middle and end! I confess that the game is very raw! you should put some sound effects to draw the public's attention.
I'm reading the reviews, and I agree with them, but use them as goals of what you should do. I am a user, not a developer. Many think about making a game, but only gets in the "one day". You at least produced something! I do not know how much you dedicated yourself to this project, but if you dedicate yourself more, you can come up with a great project.
Points that I would modify:
-As soon as you start, just drop off the platform and head towards the end. This is boring! Put a bigger challenge!

"I really appreciated the idea of ​​the box that haunts you!" But it goes straight. Maybe you can make his trajectory with a tangent, and even make the player jump ... it would be very cool to earn points by deflecting this box! (you get the idea of ​​putting on a slow motion effect as soon as you jump on it, and maybe even do a stunt)

-The bottom is very static ... and it tires! instead of putting it still, make a soft animation, to give a stimulus to the player.

-The box that walks is cool, have you thought about putting faces on it?

-The box that chases you, can put a face too ...

-The most important thing for a game is to exist a "why" ... Why am I playing this? make a story, even if it's a cliche ... (the bully who wants to hit me / the thief who is fleeing the police / the guy who found the woman's lover in the closet and wants to hit him ...) put a story that of a joy and mission for the player!

i think that your game is 1,0 star at least in this stage... try that hints and post again! I belive that you will do a great work!

Two weeks to make the game but apparently less than a day of effort in the damn game.

Primarily, there's no way to survive, uh, "Grapnark" if you don't divine where you'll have to jump. Before you can even land a jump accurately, he'll be unto you, so the player needs to take an unknown risk of dropping right below, and hope he hits a platform. It's over from there. Jump and win.

This is the stuff an absolute beginner at C2. Or any game engine at all. The typical platformer prototype as a "first" game. It shouldn't be supposed to be here. While there are value into your endeavors in game design, it's not deserving to occupy server space on newgrounds.

However, at your next attempts, I don't think you should focus on sound effects, else you may risk turning this game into pure earrape. Instead, try to focus on level designs and on the mechanics. Then on visuals. Then THINK THOROUGHLY on what kind of sounds you're going to add to the game.

Anyhow, try again.
Your attempts are never wasted, however.

Not very good at all.

Haackergaming responds:

i know, i'll be working on it

Credits & Info

1.98 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2018
12:46 AM EST