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Author Comments

Plesiohedron is my first game, and is about a cube (hot damn that's original). You navigate a forest, collect items, and unlock the SECRET POWER. Please leave a review as this is my first (full and published) game.

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This game is submitted too fast. The author needs to test it, fix the multitude of bugs and explain controls. It's not playable as it is.

I couldn't get over a tall wall that was much higher then jump height. There appeared no other abilities as awaking sideways and jumping. Then suddenly I discovered I have moved backwards in screen behind ladder forming objects somehow? How? Is it some bug or some ability? How do I activate it? I got frustrated but then game randomly moved me to another level/location (not sure what it is) without me knowing how I got past it. My protagonist cube constantly got stuck occupying the same spaces as objects. I gave up when I was sentenced to perpetual insta-death re-spawn over abyss.

cubes will be cubes

The idea is very simply, is just a plataform game, thats all, is not bad, but is very boring to play.
But, thats not the bad part, this game is bad for one huge reason.
Is infested with bugs, even the sound is bugged, it produce a weird static everytime you move.
The hitboxes are bugged, the jump is bugged, the respawn is bugged, i fell once, and when i click restart, i just fall again, and again, i can't even move or jump.
Also, and i don't know if this is a bug, but the movement speed is super slow when you go back, is like 1/3 of the normal speed.
So, the game is bad, but not because you suck, is only extremly bugged and glitched.
Im gonna give you 3 starts, because i saw some effort, just improve the coding shit, and also try to have more original ideas.

It's incredibly simplistic. The collision, which is about the only thing that matters in a platformer this simple, is awful. The game never tells you that you're supposed to collect the gold orbs as far as I could tell, and sometimes you just have to make leaps of faith because of the lack of direction. That wouldn't be so bad, if not for two reasons: the game is agonizingly slow and respawning is broken. I've died and the game is attempting to respawn me merged into the ledge I fell from, which causes the bad collision to force me off and kill me in an endless cycle. not worth your time, in my opinion.

It's not always clear what the objective is, or where we're supposed to go. I think I'm supposed to collect the gold things and not fall off the ledges, but that's about it

I'm not sure why going right is quite a lot faster than going left.

many times, when restarting, you're placed somewhere where you fall off a ledge immediately, without being given a chance to move

also, when you restart, the environment doesn't revert back to where it was when you were at that (restart) point in the first place, so a lot of times you're simply stuck.

there are a few times where I'm going for one of the gold pebbles, and some text quickly blurbs and I get warped to a new place, and there's a message that appears I did something wrong or died. This is not explained very well

Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2018
5:02 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place March 5, 2018