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Felicia has just opened a pottery painting shop. During her school vacation, she molded a lot of variety of pots in different shapes. You have to help her paint the pots as the customers demand and pack and sell it to them. Buy new pots, designs and upgrades your shop whenever you want.


It's okay, but there doesn't seem to be any reason to buy more designs or pots (unless you want it to be harder), and I wish the magazines and coffee were automatic cause using them I just end up losing time.

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It's a neat little game. It could do with small improvements like descriptions for the upgrades, or some visual feedback to help remind the player of the action chains they've set up.

One issue I've found is that designs and pot colours are too similar, like with the green pot and the green flowers, which make it hard to know what the customer is asking for.

Overall it's a standard time management game, not much to complain about. It's nothing new but that's not a bad thing, it knows what it's doing and it pulls it off reasonably well.

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onlineIndiangames responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

The game is overall solid but the fact that there are arrows pointing towards everything makes it easy and even without that is very easy. Make it harder.

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onlineIndiangames responds:

Thanks! The arrow pointing is only first level.

I liked it, super cute idea and the graphics are adorable!

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onlineIndiangames responds:


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2.88 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2018
11:55 PM EST
Simulation - Job