Dracula's Daily Life

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An animation I made adapting a video about "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night"
You can watch the original video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrze-...)
The video is somewhat long, but I still want to continue to cover everything since the best parts are in the end!

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This is amazing! Well done! I always loved the original audio, but seeing it animated with your energetic style was great! I love how expressive you made everyone. Once again, well done! Cheers!

Enjoyed the smooth sync of animations over the original soundtrack (this is an animation of a 7minutes audio project, thus I chose not to rate over the original audio quality)

I'm not a big fan of happy cartooney expressions; even so, considering the voices of the characters are kept at goofy levels for the whole lenght of the track, it was an appropriate decision (It wouldn't have killed me to see a more sinister or ominous presence inbetween).

A bit unsatisfied that some parts had to be cut (especially the annoying hydrostorm abuse), and again, right choice -otherwise this project would have required more work than needed.

I enjoyed watching this animation, you've done well! 4*

Nice and smooth animation, but audio quality ruined perfect 5 star cartoon T____T